The McLaren P1 Beat The Porsche 918 And LaFerrari In This Video Track Test

Super-rich-dude Paul Bailey submitted his Holy Trinity of hypercars–the Ferrari LaFerrari, Mclaren P1, and Porsche 918 Spyder–to a track comparison at Silverstone. We assume this happened before he crashed his 918 into a crowd of people a few days ago at a Malta car show.

A few things to note about the comparison test:

  • This was done on the shorter Silverstone National Circuit, which is the shortest configuration.
  • All cars were serviced a week prior to the test and ran the track with a full tank of gas.
  • All cars were driven by the same driver, British Touring Car Champion Mat Jackson.
  • The McLaren P1 was the first car to go around the track in the morning, and as noted in the video, the conditions were slightly wetter than for the following two cars.
  • All cars ran sub-one minute track times, which are listed below.
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So there you have it. Under similar conditions, with the same driver, on the same track, the McLaren P1 is 00.23 seconds faster than the Porsche 918, and 00.31 seconds faster than the Ferrari LaFerrari, which means almost nothing.

The old Top Gear trio also seems to have something with all three cars in the works, as well as Chris Harris.

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I wonder how all the people who were so sure the 918 would be faster are going to explain away this one...

We’ll have to see how the amazon prime show race goes for but for now there shall be no Jessica.