Holy Freaking Crap: The Top Gear Guys' New Amazon Show Is Doing The LaFerrari, Porsche 918 And McLaren P1 Test

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The new car show on Amazon starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, just began its full day of shooting, and it’s looking to be a modest affair. There appears to be just barely over 50 people participating. Oh, and also a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1, and a Porsche 918.

Already, it’s headed where Top Gear only dreamed of going. A shootout between all three hypercars was supposedly in the works, courtesy of a wealthy benefactor, before the show was unceremoniously transformed in the wake of Clarkson punching a crew member in the face. Said wealthy benefactor may have followed the trio, or they may have finally managed to snag all three from their respective managers.

Either way, with this kind of budget, this kind of crew, and this kind of creative team, it’s almost certainly going to be awesome.


No word, however, on whether or not the crew donned any protective facial gear immediately after this photo was taken.


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