Volkswagen Withdrew All Of Its 2016 Diesel EPA Certification Requests

In his testimony to Congress earlier today, Volkswagen USA CEO Michael Horn revealed that the company has pulled back on its current EPA certification applications for 2016 model year diesels, delaying sales of new models indefinitely.


The issue over a software device fitted to over 400,000 Diesel Volkswagen models that violates compliance with EPA regulations will now delay any future sales of their upcoming Diesel models as well, like the 2016 Passat.

The company has previously submitted its 2016 diesel models to be certified for sale in the US by the EPA, but with the revelation that over three generations of VW diesel engines cheated in their certification tests, the company has removed its submission, preventing the new cars from being sold at all.

This motion suggests that the “defeat device” may have been installed on models not yet approved for sale, which is interesting considering, according to Horn’s testimony, the company was alerted to their cheating as far back as 2014.

Each of the three generations of diesel engines affected by the scandal, including four cylinder diesel vehicles from model years 2009-2015, will require unique “remedies” which VW has yet to sort out.

According to Horn’s testimony on the matter, finding the remedies is only the first step towards a future he promises will see the company “commit to regular and open communication with our customers, dealers, employees, and the public as we move forward.”

You can read the in-depth analysis of his testimony we posted earlier today here.


Also, we are running out of Volkswagen top shots. I know it’s a Jetta. The Jetta is fine.


Tom McParland

VW gave us the D for so long...turns out it was a dirty D and now we can’t have it anymore.