6D Has Their Own Brain-Saving Street Helmet On The Way

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Last week, we told you about how helmet company Bell made the biggest leap in helmet development in 50 years. Looks like it isn’t the only one fighting the good fight. Now, helmet makers 6D have something very interesting on the horizon too.

The problem, as we covered last week, is that street helmets on the market today do absolutely nothing to affect the rotational acceleration that happens during a crash that causes the brain to shear, rotate, and spin inside the skull. The brain bouncing off of or spinning inside the skull is what causes brain injuries and concussions.

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6D released the ATR helmet several years ago, which brought a MIPS-like brain protection system to off road helmets—and now they’re releasing the system for the street.

The Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) system connects two EPS layers with 54 elastomeric isolation dampers, which look like little suction cups. This system allows the two layers to move independently and act sort of like a damper in a suspension system, slowing the head down as it rotates on impact.

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The ATS street helmet gets and ODS liner system designed specifically for the street, and comes in three helmet sizes with size options between XS and XXL. The shell is made from 3K carbon fiber.

6D is putting the space between the two EPS layers to good use with something called the AOD Air-Gap Ventilation system, which uses the space to better move air throughout the helmet. The helmet has four intake vents, five exhaust vents, and 15 transfer vents to move air and help evacuate heat and moisture from the head.


They’ve also included cutouts for speakers, claim the helmet is glasses friendly, and given it emergency release cheek pads.

The 6D ATS will retail for $895, and meets DOT, ECE, ACU, and AS safety standards.


I’ll be curious to see how this system compares to the one in the new Bell Pro Star, and which ones does a better job at protecting the brain. It seems like this one might allow for more rotational movement - but this sort of technology is too new to know what amount is optimal.


I love my 6D ATR dirt lid, but dirt lids are also a bit easier for a small company to produce because they’re normally worn at slower speeds. I’m a tad weary of something that will get more use at higher speeds, and a little disappointed this comes in only three shell sizes, but only time will tell if this product is worth the price of admission.

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Check back in the coming months as we get one in for testing, and we’ll have a story explaining how this technology works very soon.


  • Patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) Technology
  • 3K Carbon Fiber Shell Layup - Advanced proprietary blend of aerospace carbon is remarkably strong, yet extremely light.
  • 3 Shell Sizes - Optimizes the size and weight ratio of the helmet while ensuring great fit for all head sizes
  • Aerodynamic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Aided Shell Design
  • Air Intakes - Sculpted adjustable intakes direct air into the chin, brow, and crown regions of the helmet and are easily operated with gloves on
  • Aerodynamic Wing - Advanced CAD design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency reducing drag, buffeting, and lift at higher speeds while simultaneously increasing negative air pressure under the wing to assist scavenging air out of the helmet
  • Exhaust Vents - Optimally positioned top, side, and rear exhaust vents take advantage of the negative-pressure effects of air traveling over the helmet’s surface to aid internal air circulation. Exhaust vent covers reduce wind noise and increase the venturi effect
  • Convertible Neckroll Cuff - Exposes the rear air-gap for maximum warm weather riding comfort
  • Eyewear Compatible - Comfort liner accommodates most designs of glasses
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Articulating Pivot - Compact and efficient in design, provides 10 effective micro adjustments of the shield while also seating the shield securely against the eyeport trim to ensure a wind and rain-proof seal. Provides quick and easy shield changes with no tools required
  • Locking Shield Lever - Securely locks the shield in the closed position, or cracks open for ventilation
  • Rear Delta Vent - Aids heat transfer and comfort by scavenging air from within the helmet
  • Adjustable Crown and Brow Intake Vents
  • Internal Brow Vents - Pulls air across the inside of the shields’ surface to aid cooling and fogging dissipation
  • Locking Shield Lever
  • Pinlock Max Vision Included
  • EPS Lined Chin Bar
  • Removable / Washable Comfort Liner
  • Internal Breath Guard
  • Removable All-Weather Chin Cover
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Emergency Release Cheek Pads
  • Exceeds ECE and DOT standards
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Photos: AIMExpo and 6D

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