Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

If you want to go rock hopping then you’re probably going to want a torque monster for an engine, not a screaming mimi. Our Nice Price or Crack Pipe 4Runner goes the screamer route, but is its price a screaming deal as well?

First Tina Turner dumped Ike Turner for his abuse of cocaine and of her. Then she dumped yesterday’s 1985 Mercedes Benz 280 GE not long after dropping some serious coin to have it made all A-Okay in the U.S.A.. Unlike Ike, that Gelandewagen is still kicking around. Unfortunately for the seller, 56% of you deemed its price to be Crack Pipishly high so it looks like it’s off to Barter Town with the truck.


That Benz was once owned by a superstar of the entertainment industry. In complete contrast, today’s 1987 Toyota 4Runner comes with a Supra engine. Not only does this off roader have a rockum-sockum 7M-GTE under its hood, but that DOHC turbo’d six is also claimed to have only 12,000 miles under its belt.

There’s likely something like 230-plus ponies coming out of that engine and those are all routed through a 5-speed stick, and are available to all four wheels via a pair of live axles front and rear. The front one is an aftermarket replacement for the IFS setup the factory thought was the way to go, while the one out back rides on a set of 63-inch Chevy springs.


Those axles are connected to a set of alloy wheels upon which are mounted knobby 35-inch GoodYear MT/Rs. The whole thing’s jacked up to allow for some pretty extreme articulation, and the approach, departure, and break-over angles all look to be generous.

The truck itself looks pretty good too. It’s a blue-paint special, and of course the back cap is removable for you fresh air fiends. An LED light bar headers the windshield as such things are wont to do these days That, along with asymmetrical sideview mirrors, are about the only conversation starters on an exterior walk around.


There are no pics of the insides. but if it’s anything like the outside, then we should be fine here. It’s an ‘80s Toyota after all. One point about that interior though: it doesn’t come with A/C so those of you in Arizona will just have to sit on your sweaty-ass hands over this one.

There is a compressor that comes with the truck, in case you want to tackle the install and make it hellscape-friendly. That’s one of a pile of parts that apparently is the truck’s dowery or just the opportunity for the seller to clean out his garage.


The title is clean and the seller says that the pics in the ad don’t do the truck justice. Justice will be served however, and it’s now time for you to rule on this Supra-powered 4Runner’s price tag. That’s $8,000 with some wiggle room. The seller says he has over $14K invested so that wiggle’s probably going to be less than that of the epic Shaq/Cat gif that we all love.

What’s your take on $8,000 for this hot-motor and its 4Runner chariot? Does that seem like a fair price to get your rocks off? Or, is that a price that ensures this is a 4Runner that makes you say I’d rather walk?

You decide!


Dallas Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to TheRealMC for the hookup!

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