Baja Kia Forte Koup? Hell Yeah, I'm Down With That

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I had a Kia Forte as a rental car once. Damn good little car, the Kia Forte. It wasn’t the fastest thing on four wheels, but it was well-built and a solid value. You know what would make it even better? Big fat offroadin’ tires, fender flares and racing seats. Obviously, because those things make every car better.


Meet the Kia Forte Koup Mud Bogger, which is a nice name, but I’ll call it what it really is: A Baja Kia. It’s debuting at the palace of broken dreams that is SEMA, a show we’ve largely ignored this year because most of the cars have just been done up with goofy stripes and shit. Everyone’s pretty much phoning in SEMA these days.

Except Kia, those people are cool, so they did up a Fore Koup with 28-inch off-road tires, custom fender flares, racing seats, a panoramic roof with a vinyl pushback top, Line-X coating on the floor, a hand-built roll cage and a four-inch lift with a new suspension.


Sweet. I’ll take 10, Kia. Expect more photos of the concept to drop when SEMA happens in early November.

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Tom McParland

I like it...needs moar rally lights