America Fails To Conquer Europe As Military Hummers Get Stuck In The Sand

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Multi-country military team NATO is in the middle of a mock-war right now called “Trident Juncture.” Air, sea and land vehicles were all looking totally badass on this beach-storming mission until it was time to roll out the Humvees, which immediately got bogged.

We know the Humveee, Hummer, HMMWV or whatever is one of the ultimate off-road vehicles on four wheels, but uh, never forget that nothing’s unstoppable.

Trident Juncture is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s “most ambitious exercise” in over a decade, taking place over the next few days in now in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Member-states are practicing working together and flexing their muscles to, reportedly, deter other parties from pissing them off.


NATO says this exercise involves 36,000 personnel from about 30 countries, none of whom told the American soldiers in these trucks that they might want to air down their tires before hitting the sand.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow says “Exercise Trident Juncture will demonstrate that NATO is ready and able to defend any ally against any threat in any form.”


I think our enemies will get the message loud and clear; do not provoke the wrath of NATO. Unless you have a beach to hide behind.

Kidding! Naturally. I have tremendous respect for members of the military but the rule is; if you get bogged, we get to laugh at you. Now please carry on policing the world so I can keep buying cheap gasoline.

Hat tip to Ivo!

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