James Bond's New Aston Martin Can Fly Too

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To be fair, so can your car, and it doesn’t even have to be an Aston Martin. But it sure as hell won’t do it this gracefully.

I know of at least two people here at Jalopnik who haven’t driven an ultra-limited Aston Martin DB10 yet, and one of those two unlucky individuals is Justin Westbrook, who pretty much told you everything about why that’s utterly unfair already.


As we’re getting closer to the global premier of Spectre, more and more details get leaked out about the one-on-one car chase in Rome that will leave James Bond’s ride in the Tiber river. Don’t worry, the world’s most famous spy will manage to barbecue a Jaguar C-X75 before the splash.

Since one car will be auctioned off for charity and one presumably remains at Aston Martin, the production team only got eight of the ten existing DB10s at their disposal. They turned two into fully built stunt cars for the drifts and jumps, two into gadget cars (ejector seat included), while the rest of the fleet was kept in pristine condition so that Mr Bond can arrive in style.

This is the point when I must remind you that James Bond drives a manual.

Photo credit: Sony Pictures


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