Someone Needs To Buy This GOLDwing Today. Seriously.

I thought this would be a contender for nice price or crack pipe until I opened the listing and saw the price. This thing is all sorts of awesome, and for a price that pretty much mean you need to stop what you’re doing and get your ass to Ventura.

This gem, built two years after the year of my birth, is the golden throne you’ve been missing your whole life. It’s had two owners, but the most recent has enjoyed the glory that is this magnificent steed since 1987.


He lists it as having all of the bells and whistles, which should mean that it has the audio system, LCD screen, and linked brakes. Why pay for a new Panigale 1299 to get those features when $2,500 will give you all of that in a much comfier package? Check out the full specs here.

It does have 136k miles, but I’m pretty sure God would never let a chick magnet like this thing die. If you’re smart, you’ll buy it here.

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