This Jeep XJ Went Off-Roading Right Into An Apartment Complex

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Jeep XJs are some seriously capable vehicles able traverse some gnarly terrain without breaking a sweat. But with great capability comes great responsibility. What happens when you forget to take your XJ off-roading? It goes off-roading anyway.

The Austin Fire Department claims that this Jeep Cherokee ended up in a strange spot because the owner was trying to unload a TV near his apartment and accidentally hit the gas instead of the fat pedal.


But we know the truth. Sometimes XJs get confused. Their creator (AMC) designed them to smash boulders and rip up muddy farmer’s fields. But people try to domesticate them—to drive them to, dare I say it—the mall.

But it’s hard to keep these XJs tamed. This Austinite XJ owner made one too many Best Buy runs, and the XJ just couldn’t take it. It saw what appeared to be a 45 degree ramp and got excited.

“AN RTI RAMP!” the XJ exclaimed in excitement. But the XJ forgot that it was stock, and that its departure angle was not even close to 45 degrees. And that the staircase was too narrow. What resulted was a bunch of broke stairs and an XJ high-centered on its rear axle.

Sometimes XJs get confused.

Hopefully this one gets fixed up and back on the road. Or off it.


Oh, and hey look! The Austin Police department helped Scooby the dog get down from the third floor. It’s not the first time a Scooby had to get extracted from Jeep territory (hey-o!).


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