F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone Still Unsure On Red Bull's Future And Racing In The US

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The businessman running F1 known as Bernie Ecclestone held an impromptu roundtable for journalists at the rain-soaked U.S. Grand Prix yesterday. There are still no solid plans for more racing in America, and the Red Bull team might not even run next year.

Incredibly, nobody asked him to detail his apparent endorsement of corporate corruption. But AutoWeek (in a story written by our own Alanis King, who was at Circuit of the Americas covering the race for the magazine) got a quote from Ecclestone about the potential for F1 in America:

“It’s important — we wish we had more races here,” Ecclestone said. “The only reason, history wise, we left America before at Watkins Glen was because — it was a lovely guy who ran the thing, terrible memory, forgot to pay us.”


Apparently there is a shortlist of potential tracks to run more F1 races here but Ecclestone would only specify as much as; “Anywhere it doesn’t rain. A few places have come up. We’re trying to do a race in New Jersey, New York.”

So it sounds like the guy doesn’t have a strong grasp of the weather in America. Not a great sign for how seriously he’s taking the idea of having more races here.

AutoWeek has more details on what he said about Red Bull’s lack of an engine for next year’s F1 season, but basically there’s still no definite agreement signed and it’s looking progressively more likely that the team may have to sit 2016 out. He did say there’s potential to “introduce independent suppliers of V6 twin turbos similar in size to IndyCar engines,” so that will be something to watch for.


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So his answers are that he doesn’t know about anything he’s talking about and will just make shit up on the fly. The guy clearly doesn’t bother with market research, facts or that annoying “reality” or whatever the kids are calling it these days. If New Jersey isn’t corrupt enough to get an F1 race there, it says a lot.