Yes It's Real: You Can Buy This BMW i8 For The Price Of A Chevy Spark!

While you’ve all been wasting your money on lame efficiency cars, I’ve been biding my time for the deal of the century on the ultimate ass-hauling EV: This 2014 BMW i8 some sucker is hocking for just $13,000!

A reader sent us this gem from Nashville’s Craigslist, and the seller’s listed an entire handful of parts they deem “good.” If that doesn’t scream “no-brainer” you better stop listening to your wife and watch Road House again. That should sand down your brain cells enough to get on my level for once.


BMW i8s are so hot right now you’d be nuts to pass this up. So hot. Heck, just days ago this one literally immolated itself wherever it landed after what must have been one crazy-hot crash.

Somebody hurry up and call or text Julian if you’re tough enough to take on what could possibly be the worst restoration project of all time and be the biggest BMW-community hero since Bill Caswell.


*Only one minor catch, it will come with a salvage title.

Happy wrenching!


Hat tip to AllydNYC! Images via BMW and Craigslist

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