What do we even call this crazy crash? A high side? A front side? Did he call it mean names and it decided it wanted him off? Regardless of what we name it, this is called having a bad day.


Gino Rea brings us this “things to avoid” demonstration from the World Supersport Free Practice 1 from Magny Cours. No word yet if the front locked or he just grabbed too much front when the back started to step out - but you can bet he’ll be a little more cautious from now on.

Rea actually escaped fairly unharmed, saying “I just have a slightly fractured finger on my right hand, two very sore shoulders and feel like I’ve been punched in the face by Mike Tyson!”


It’s a strange and beautiful world when getting tossed over the bars of a bike at 100 mph does less damage than being punched by another man.

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