Owning That Other Car From Back To The Future Part II

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Griff Tannen’s hover-converted BMW 633 CSi was actually a non-running 1976 model the film crew purchased for about 400 bucks from Germany. Today, she stays in first gear around Connecticut.

Since BMW only sold the 633 CSi starting from the 1978½ model year in America, this very early 1976 example made its way to Back to the Future II in 1989 via a grey market import as the production team went looking for the cheapest example available.


Some movie cars are better built than others, but this really was a piece of junk lifted by a forklift for its “flying” scene. Then came Griff, who even managed to smash its rear lamp with his adjustable baseball bat. Poor BMW.

After they were done with it, this battered convertible ended up in a museum before somebody bought it in Georgia with a restoration in mind. That guy didn’t get around to do anything with it, so he sold it to Jeff. Many work hours later, Griff’s BMW is on the road again. Jeff did it for the fans.

Will she ever get into second? That’s up to you, because the Bimmer is for sale...


Photo credit: IMCDB

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