It's A Miracle Jaguar's C-X75 James Bond Car Exists At All (And It's Freaking Amazing To Drive) 

I lost count of just how many hours I spent on planes trying to get to where I needed to be to drive this car, but if Jaguar calls me again, I’m ready to fly to the moon and back for it, no problem. If it involves the Jaguar C-X75, the magical prototype supercar that stars in Spectre, I’m there.
»11/04/15 2:29pm11/04/15 2:29pm


This Brigitte Bardot Movie Has Some Of The Best Awful Driving In Cinema

There's a lot of movies I know almost nothing about save for the cars in them. Mid-century French cinema is not something I'll pretend to be an expert on, but man, do they have some great traffic sequences. And this one, from the 1961 movie la Bride Sur le Cou has one of the best awful driving sequences I've ever seen. »12/08/14 9:50pm12/08/14 9:50pm

Here's Your Chance To Get The Last Unrestored Movie Herbie

There's a good number of globally famous movie and TV cars — KITT, the Ghostbuster's ECTO-1, Tony Danza's hovercar/submarine from Who's The Boss — but there's one that probably has more recognition than all the others combined: Herbie the Love Bug. And now, the last unrestored movie Herbie is for sale — for over… »12/08/14 5:09pm12/08/14 5:09pm