What Winter Automotive Activity Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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If you were in the Northeast this past weekend like me, you were probably freezing your butt off. Better get ready folks: winter is coming. Time to dig out those snow tires and start planning for the war on massive snowfalls.

As the white stuff begins to fall, autocross seasons finish up, racetracks close, and many of your weekend backroad drivers become utterly useless. That is, unless you slap a set of fresh snow tires on them and head to your local frozen lake.

Personally, I actually look forward to the winter season. Winter for me usually not only means a change in car, but also a change in the events that I run with my cars. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the 2016 Ice Race season, hosted by the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club. It’s some of the most affordable wheel to wheel racing you can find. Who cares if you’re sideways half the time? Even better!


So how do you plan on keeping your track day and car control skills up while the dry pavement hides for the winter? Tell us your secrets! What winter automotive activity are you most looking forward to?

Photo credit: Royal Broil via Flickr

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As Du Volant

Snow donuts!

Hard to beat the simple fun of sliding around in circles in an empty parking lot.