Someone Finally Put Wood Grain On A Motorcycle And It Looks Awesome

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Retro styling is superhot in motorcycles right now, but I think Yamaha’s Resonator125 concept might be the first one brave enough to go for actual wood-inlaid-on-chrome. Classy or too far?

Don’t be so quick to dismiss it as “just another café racer,” even though that look is still alive and well for plenty of people. The bike feels more “steampunky” retrofuturistic than traditional classic. Something Mal Reynolds would ride off a hovering spaceship and onto a dusty adventure on.

Those woody bits aren’t stickers either, they’re the same wood grain the company uses to make guitars.


I love the textures they’ve got going on with this thing, and the subtle copper-looking accent pieces to give it just a little more life. 125ccs is extremely small for a road bike in America, but it’s plenty of power to get you around town in elegance.

Seems like Yamaha’s taking the same line as Honda with their 2015 Tokyo Motor Show concepts by bringing out old-school and superfuture-looking machines at the same time. The Resonator feels like a little bit of both which might be why I like it so much.

No details on production or power yet, we’ll have to see what details Yamaha reveals about the bike at the end of this month.


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May retro become so prevalent that people stop even calling it retro or hipster and just call it styling.

In my mind bikes looked great till the early 80s when 90% of them got covered in hideous plastic and in the 90s it got worse. Sure a track day liter bike should have a full plastic wrap for down force and wind protection etc but most bikes that people use to get around, there’s no reason they need to look like race bikes. Lots of bikes bikes in late 70s and early looked like bikes from 10, 20 30 years ago but no one called them retro. I like to think of it as a return to the normal way or to think of it as correcting a 20 year styling error rather than thinking of it as a throwback. For the record I do understand the appeal of wind protection but I don’t understand how most “nakeds” are still plastic. I understand that in Japan many people grew up on anami (here too) and that many want akira bikes but I just don’t see a reason that the norm has to be this:

and this is thought to be retro:

To me the first is futuristic but the future came too early and the 2nd is contemporary. All they did was put together a bike with clean lines and a round headlight it’s not thaaaat retro

I’ll admit the one in the article is a little dolled up with retro bits for my taste and I’m writing this just to talk about the way we talk about bikes not just this one.