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This MD-80's Takeoff From St. Maarten Island Is Absolutely Nuts

Illustration for article titled This MD-80s Takeoff From St. Maarten Island Is Absolutely Nuts

St. Maarten is known in the aviation community as one of the best plane viewing locales in the world. Watching landing jets scream just feet overhead while you wade in the Caribbean’s warm turquoise water is just about as good as it gets. Takeoffs are usually a different story, but when the winds are just right, some equally as crazy low-flying moments can be had, as seen in the video below.


Even the reverse shot/departure angle on this video is awesome!

Usually, departures occur in the opposite direction, toward the cliffs, so videos like this are somewhat rare. Especially when you get an Maddog (MD-80) that appears to use almost every foot of Princess Juliana International’s 7,500 foot runway!


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We went to St Maarten for our honeymoon 2 months ago. The place we stayed was right next to the beach end of the runway, so we saw planes from our room and from the beach all week long. Best part was being at the end of the runway for a 747 taking off.