Driver Who Swerved And Hit A Motorcycle: 'I Don't Care'

A motorcyclist got more than he bargained for while making a pass on a two-lane road on Saturday when a driver swerved and hit the bike, sending both passengers to the ground. The driver’s response to the whole thing? “I don’t care.”

The rider, Eric Sanders — who posted the video taken by a fellow traveller to Facebook shortly after it happened — said in the comments section that he suffered road rash and his girlfriend went to an intensive care unit in Texas after the incident.

Sanders begins to pass the car at about 1:40 in the video, only to have the driver swerve and knock both the rider and his passenger off of the motorcycle. As the video shows, the scene after the wreck is pretty urgent — fellow drivers pulling over to check on the couple as the two lay down on the side of the road, while the person filming approaches the man who hit the bike.


The driver initially blames his swerving on the fact that the rider tried to pass him over double-yellow lines, which Sanders later admitted to in a clarification post on Facebook. Then he turns around to say that he was “stung by a wasp,” intertwined with several more “I don’t care” statements while the filming motorcyclist snaps a picture of his license plate.

Sanders added in the clarification post that his reason for passing the car was its slowing down to around 20 mph under the speed limit for that particular area. Police did not arrest the man, according to Sanders’ comments, but he is “gonna be prosecuted.”

While Sanders wasn’t completely in the right by passing the car in a zone with double-yellow lines, that certainly doesn’t justify the driver hitting him for any reason.


Around three hours ago, Sanders’ latest update on the situation stated that his girlfriend was headed into surgery for an arm injury sustained during the crash.

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To all of you saying passing on the DY is automatically Bad - stop. Just stop.

a) You probably don’t ride. Believe me, there are plenty of places that are unsafe for a car to pass where it’s no problem for a bike (either due to the bike being able to do the pass or simply because of things like better sightlines due to lane positioning etc). So it comes down to The Law vs. common sense, being stuck behind a slow car in the twisties for 15 miles till the next actual passing zone, stuff like that. And guess what - it’s generally safer on a bike to go slightly faster than traffic (better control of the situation), so being stuck behind someone slow is really almost the last place you want to be.

b) There are PLENTY of times on a bike where breaking The Law is necessary, many of which involving getting away from the vicinity of douchebags in cars. E.g. cars looove to speed up when you pass (even though you are on a bike, which in most cases means not a chance of actually preventing the pass) - and then once you are in front they hang with you. Not the kind of people I like to hang around and have to continue to deal with, so usually a burst of serious speed gets them to give up and drop back. I’d hate to get a ticket at that moment as this happens all the time....

There is a serious lack of “live and let live” on the roads these days - enough such that I’d say it counts as a rather damning barometer of the lack of benevolence in our society....