Toyota's Sports Car Chief Clarifies Where The Baby S-FR Could Sit In The Family Tree

One of the more seemingly production-ready concepts to emerge from the crazyfest that is the Tokyo Motor Show is the Toyota S-FR sports car. But with the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ already in the lineup, many have wondered if this sports car is destined to be its replacement.

Not so, said Toyota sports car chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, speaking to Australia’s Drive at the show.

He said he still envisions a three-member Toyota sports car family, and ideally the S-FR could be the baby of the family. It is, after all, smaller than a Toyobaru, being between that car and a Miata in size.


From the story:

“I already tell you Toyota’s sports car goal must be three brothers - 86 is the middle [brother], top model is something like a Supra,” Tada said, confirming the S-FR sits at the bottom of the family tree.

That’s ideally, of course. Tada wouldn’t say if the car would reach production or not, let alone whether it has a chance at export outside of Japan. He also declined to confirm what kind of engine would be under the S-FR’S hood, and while reports have put the car at 1.5 liters, he said he has a lot of options these days.

Interesting, Mr. Tada. Interesting.

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