This Imported 1988 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Asks $23,900

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If the foreigners that Donald Trump want to kick out of the country include cars like today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Lancia then he must be defeated at all cost. In the mean time, let’s have a look at this immigrant’s cost.

George Carlin once mused (and I’m paraphrasing for my own purposes here) that you don’t see too many Asians around named “Rusty.” Well, Last Friday’s Japanese-sourced 1983 Honda Civic was pretty rusty - in a pretty bad place, the rockers - proving it to be the exception to Carlin’s comedic rule.


The thing of it is, it wasn’t rusted to the point that moving it from one place to another requires a dustpan, and it was the rare and desirable S model. Those facts, along with its modest three-grand price conspired to give that Honda a respectable 68% Nice Price win. Hopefully the next owner will do more than just take pictures of the rusty spots.

Hey, speaking of rust, did you know that it never sleeps? It’s true, Neil Young told me so. He also told me that a Southern Man better atone for some shit or something. I don’t know about that because Neil tends to whine a lot, and because a Southern Man - several I would expect - are responsible for bringing this 1988 Lancia Delta HF Integrale to America and apparently anointing it with a clear Texas title. It makes my South rise again, if you know what I mean.

The car isn’t in Texas but Hotlanta, and is being sold by a consignment shop, MotorCar Studio, hence all the logos on the pics. Now, Furious George sent me a link to another Delta that this shop is offering, a Martini Liveried ride that’s a little bit less country and a little bit more rock and roll. That car is a grand more than this one, and while I appreciate its more balls to the walliness, I think we’d all go for this more sensible and streetable edition. Feel free to voice your dissent in the comments below.


Our chosen Delta is an ’88 and hence an 8v edition. That’s still a pretty potent package bringing 185-bhp to the table via a turbo that gets the party started at a relatively low 3,200-RPM. AWD fed through a five-speed manual rounds out the fun bits. In case you were wondering, parts and service for these aren’t that hard to find in the U.S. if you live close to a big city and have access to the Internet.


This one was offered on the internet - on eBay - a while back where it failed to generate much interest, topping out at $12,222 in the seller’s first attempt and a measly $8,888.88 in the second. In the eBay description the seller notes some rust - thanks Neil - on the scuttle below the windscreen and on the hatch. The car was resprayed at one point in its life and that paint seems to be holding up just fine and dandy.


The interior too seems to have managed to stand the test of time. The Recaro seats look awesome, and everything seems to be intact right down to the cool HF-logo’d floor mats. That HF by the way, stands for High Fidelity, and comes with your own, personal elephant.

The car is claimed to be stock with the exceptions of the head unit, an aftermarket pop-off, and the twin-outlet exhaust.


Other than that, the 170K car looks pretty damn good, but is crying out for an engine bay detail. Of course that would have to wait because what you’d really want to do is take this Delta for a drive.


That drive will set you back $23,900, which would by you any number of new cars that would probably not put a smile on your face like this one will. What’s your take on this consignment shop immigrant and its $23,900 price? Is that deal to get your Delta V on? Or, is that way too many integers for this Integrale?

You decide!


Hemmings Classified out of Atlanta, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Furious George for sending in the Rally Monkey!

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