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Brother Nudges Brother, Causing Huge Flip At Bathurst

Illustration for article titled Brother Nudges Brother, Causing Huge Flip At Bathurst

Adrian Flack nudged his brother Damien Flack on the ultra-fast Conrod Straight in an Aussie Racing Cars support race for the Bathurst 1000. Damien’s car flipped end over end in a massive aerial crash, leaving Damien with broken ribs, a punctured lung and a race car on fire, according to Fox reporter Chris Stubbs.

Flack hit the wall roof-first and flipped over the protective barrier itself during the crash.


Driver Tony Quinn gave Speedcafe his first-hand account of the wreck:

I was right behind it and I saw the car do at least four tumbles.

It then did some more before it went over the wall and caught fire. The car is pretty good to be honest.

That was at top speed and it was violent. The cars are very strong and very safe.


Damien was able to escape his burning car and was conscious talking to medical teams following the accident. Per Fox Sports, he was then airlifted to a local hospital for a full evaluation.

Speedcafe reports that the race was red flagged and abandoned following Damien Flack’s accident.

This is the second massive crash at Bathurst this week. Yesterday, 2014 Bathurst 1000 winner Chaz Mostert had a violent crash in practice in his V8 Supercar. Mostert underwent surgery for his broken left femur today.


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