The Subaru WRX S4 SporVita Is The Luxury WRX The World Needs

There might not be much of a craving for an ultra-luxurious WRX here in America, but it appears that Subaru’s home Japanese market is just the opposite. This is Subaru’s new Japan-only WRX S4 trim, but with a little helping of eclectic Italian opulence.

To kick the luxuriousness up a notch for the SporVita trim, Subaru makes use of “genuine Italian leather” for the interior, their EyeSight safety equipment as standard, and a new set of fancy 18” non-gunmetal wheels. Which honestly is a bit of a relief. I didn’t realize how sick of those blackish grey wheels I was until I saw the SporVita wheels. Damn.

Let’s take a minute to look at that interior. What’s going on? It might just be my poor tastes, but I can’t look at that interior for more than five seconds without totally wanting to vom’. I don’t care who “renowned leather maker Mario Levi” is. That mocha/black interior just does not work for me. Sorry.


All in all, it’s a pretty cool idea. Hopefully with the S4 SporVita, Subaru will be able to further broaden the WRX market and continue successfully onward with their takeover of all things car.

If you live in Japan, are craving a slightly more luxurious WRX S4, and don’t mind a moderately grotesque interior, you may have just found your next car.


But we’re wondering why this hasn’t caught on more in America. The WRX we’ve got stateside tends to have an interior made of old chewing gum and particle board.

Wouldn’t this be so much better?


Photo Credits: Subaru

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