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Where Is Your God Now? Jalopnik Season 2 Launches Tuesday!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I know you’re losing sleep at night just aching to find out when’s the next time we’ll drive a crazy drift car through Manhattan, see which of Doug DeMuro’s three button-down shirts he’s wearing this week, or wrench on an old Scout. The answer is not for a while!

What I can tell you is that we’ve got three brand-new shows launching this Tuesday, October 6 to take the place of those you so dearly miss.


Jalopnik Investigates


Jalopnik has done countless investigative stories in the past that would’ve benefited from the video treatment and we’re finally making that happen. Think more of a longer, documentary style, and less Channel 5 Action News. I promise you it’s the exact opposite of Channel 5 Action News.

Still should have some pretty good action, though.

Worst Car Stories

Whether you totalled three cars just by pulling out of your garage or rolled your dream car, we’re telling all those great stories here. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but with animation!

Jason Drives


Jason normally spends his every waking moment scouring the earth for those insane and obscure older vehicles you’ve never heard of, so we gave him his own show.

And he drives them hard. Not because he’s hanging the tail out, but because the vehicles are inherently impossible to figure out.


If you watched and loved what you saw last season, thank you. If you watched and hated what you saw last season, it means you still watched so thank you, too.

We had a blast making season one, here’s to doing it all (wrong) again for season two.