Comment Of The Day: The Motorcycle Itch Edition

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I think the ultimate way to be a gearhead, no matter what you’re into, is to be an evangelist. Spread the love of cars, of bikes, of racing, of wrenching, of whatever your deal is. It’s what we try to do every day around here.


So when veteran rider and motorcycle journalist Jerry Smith penned a heartfelt story about how time has failed to diminish his love for bikes, he got an equally heartfelt comment from someone at the opposite end of the spectrum, reader Jid:


I’m 28, but I have had the motorcycle itch since I was 11, and just never committed to it. Whether it was because of being in my parents house (who disdain motorcycles for their inherent danger, so I was never allowed one), finances, or other interests taking those funds, I just haven’t committed to it. But holy shit do I love motorcycles.

I’ve always been a car guy. Hard not to when your grandfather has owned over 300 in his lifetime, and your dad was always watching racing, cars were just a part of growing up.

But motorcycles. Man... motorcycles. One thing I love about this, and this has only come to me recently, is the attainability of them, even the “high end” models (your 1299’s, MV Agusta’s, whathaveyou), are definitely within financial reach. The odds of me ever getting to own a McLaren, let alone a Dodge Viper, are pretty slim. But the ability and opportunity to buy something insane like a S1000RR or 1299 Panigale is completely feasible.

And then there is the thrill of riding that I cannot wait to have. I’m back in school, and am finally going to get my degree (I work in the finance industry, and it’s quite difficult to get anywhere without a degree), and once I have my degree, I’ll finally have the financial means to afford life plus fun.

I do live in Southern California, and I could have a bike as my main mode of transportation, but I don’t think it ever will be. So, for the moment, it is something extra, which isn’t feasible financially at the moment.

But you better damn well believe that it is my next investment. Because I have spent too long lusting after two wheels, to not have one yet. But it is there, and it is in sight, and I am not letting it out of sight.

Thank you for the post. It’s posts like these (and why I visit LaneSplitter first thing ever morning) that keep my love for motorcycles alive, and just keep pushing me and prodding me to just bite the bullet and do it anyway.

You never know until you try.

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Congratulations, Mr. Jid, on COTD today! I would like to gift you with a Yamaha which this lovely lady will deliver very soon to help keep your love for motorcycles alive.