The car that started the stratospheric rise in prices for ‘90s Japanese nostalgic classics was the Acura NSX. After two decades, it still kicked ass and took names, even if the names on that list have thinned out a bit over the years. Here’s one that is still affordable, but is it worth it?

This 1992 Acura NSX wasn’t anywhere near the top of the power spectrum when it was released and it can have its doors blown off by any mid-range family hauler nowadays, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s an insanely desirable car for collectors and enthusiasts the world over.

Its build quality shines through its quintessential ‘90s frame and although its less-than-300 horsepower engine isn’t going to scare anything wearing a 911 badge, pound for pound the powerplant is quite formidable. With the car at a hair under $24,000 with a clean vehicle history report and a seemingly clean bill of health, it’s one hell of a value.


This example is one of the most affordable NSXs you’ll find anywhere because it unfortunately sports an automatic transmission and almost as many miles as it takes to get to the moon on a good day.

But that shouldn’t matter at all because parts for a manual transmission swap are available for a considerable but not unreasonable cost and mileage with a ‘90s Honda engine is only a number. With the desirable and likely reupholstered red interior that this car sports, it’s sure to be something truly breathtaking, with some cash thrown on top for supporting mods, naturally.


It’s worth it if you’ve watched the skyrocketing market for these cars in the past few years alone. As Honda drags their heels with the new NSX and car manufacturers ceasing to make mid-engined analog cars at all anymore, this car is a breath of fresh air and one that will potentially pay you to drive it, even with its astronomical mileage. In any case, I’d much rather have a car that’s been stretched and exercised, rather than garaged and have its perishable parts atrophy and deteriorate over time.

This car is certainly worth a look, but it may be the lowest this model will go in a very long while, so don’t dawdle.

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