3/31/2018 - This Jeep Cannot Be Stopped

3/31/2018 - The First Woman To Drive Around The World Crushed Bananas To Grease The Differential On A Model T

3/31/2018 - Driver Who Lost Both Legs In A Crash Finishes On Podium At His First Race Back

3/31/2018 - Here Are My 10 Favorite Automotive Easter Eggs

3/31/2018 - You Might Soon Be Able To Buy A Car At Your Local Walmart, If You Want

3/31/2018 - That Nearly Perfect 1994 Toyota Supra Sold For $80,500

3/31/2018 - When The Way To Make A Lightweight Car Was To Use Wicker

3/31/2018 - Show Us Your Automotive Tattoos

3/31/2018 - Formula E Won't Have To Swap Cars Mid-Race Next Season

3/30/2018 - Tesla Says Autopilot Was On Before Fatal Model X Crash, But That Driver Didn’t Abide Warnings

3/30/2018 - U.S. Labor Agency Files Amended Complaint Against Tesla For Alleged Worker Rights Violations

3/30/2018 - Once Again It’s The Car Time

3/30/2018 - Let This Screaming GSX-R1000 Swapped Fiat X1/9 Echo Off Every Hill

3/30/2018 - Listen To The Howl Of The Troubled Yamaha V12 F1 Engine

3/30/2018 - Stop Painting Auto Show Supercars Black

3/30/2018 - Here's Your Behind The Scenes Look At The 2018 New York International Auto Show

3/30/2018 - The Cheetah Is In The Jeep

3/30/2018 - Don't Do This

3/30/2018 - Iran's First Woman To Race After The Islamic Revolution Keeps Breaking Barriers

3/30/2018 - This Picture Has Not Been Altered In Any Way

3/30/2018 - A Cruise Self-Driving Car Got A Traffic Ticket In San Francisco A Week After The Deadly Uber Crash (Updated)

3/30/2018 - My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Surprised Me On The Off-Road Trails Of Moab

3/30/2018 - It's Probably For The Best If I Don't Watch This Corolla Drift Video

3/30/2018 - This Volunteer Honda Team Is Making The Killer Civic Type R You Could Build Yourself

3/30/2018 - Uber Wanted To Put You In A Driverless Car By The End Of The Year

3/30/2018 - You Have To See This Ridiculous 1930s V16 Dually

3/30/2018 - This Joke Is Not Funny Because The Car Should Be Real

3/30/2018 - Citations Piling Up After Oklahoma Passes Law Forbidding Highway Travel In The Left Lane

3/30/2018 - Trump EPA Set To Roll Back Strict Obama-Era Fuel Economy And Emissions Rules

3/30/2018 - Fireworks Shoot Into Crowd At Monster Jam World Finals

3/30/2018 - Volkswagen Already Makes The Perfect Pickup Truck, You Just Don't Know About It

3/30/2018 - DJ Screw - Dat Boy Grace - 'Come Ride Wit A Playa'

3/30/2018 - For $26,900, Would You Be Stupid To Pass Up This 2004 Smart Roadster Coupé?

3/29/2018 - I Can't Get Over How Under-Designed Cadillac Rear Ends Are

3/29/2018 - Yeah, The 2019 Nissan Altima Is Supposed To Have That Weird Hood Gap

3/29/2018 - The World Is Ready For An EV Supercar And The Major Automakers Have Been Missing It

3/29/2018 - Conan O'Brien's 1992 Ford Taurus SHO Is Still The Best Car On TV

3/29/2018 - Analog Clocks In Cars: Good

3/29/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo?

3/29/2018 - The Germans Have Some Of The Best Car Colors This Year

3/29/2018 - My Car Got Smashed By A Semi And I'm Clueless As To How To Replace It! What Car Should I Buy?

3/29/2018 - The Hyundai Kona Electric Has The Most Least Face

3/29/2018 - This Company Wants To Sell A Car You Can't Drive Drunk

3/29/2018 - A Ramp Competition Is The Best Way To Find Out If Your Car Is Secretly A Cat

3/29/2018 - The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Gets 480 Horsepower And 420 Lb-Ft Of Tire-Roasting Torque

3/29/2018 - Driver Killed In 100-MPH Crash At Sonoma Raceway Drag Event

3/29/2018 - The Devastating Loophole That Sticks Car Buyers With Interest Rates That Would Be Otherwise Illegal

3/29/2018 - Things Are Not Looking Good For Tesla Right Now

3/29/2018 - Subaru Scrambled To Get The First Four Generations Of The Forester To The New York Auto Show

3/29/2018 - The 2019 Maserati Levante Trofeo Is Your 590-HP V8 Heavyweight 

3/29/2018 - Companies Are Distancing Themselves From Uber After The Fatal Autonomous Crash

3/29/2018 - What's The Next Modern Classic To Really Blow Up In Value?

3/29/2018 - Uber Reaches Settlement With Family Of Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash Victim

3/29/2018 - Styx – 'Come Sail Away'

3/29/2018 - At $9,999, Could You Find A Lada Love For This 1986 VAZ 2101?

3/28/2018 - Someone Just Paid $22,750 For This Absurdly Pristine 2000 Honda Civic Si

3/28/2018 - The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Lets You Pretend To Be Steve McQueen For $46,595

3/28/2018 - Why Did Nobody Tell Me Compomotive Still Makes All My Favorite Old Rally And Racing Wheels?

3/28/2018 - Pickup Trucks Should Only Seat Three People

3/28/2018 - These Dudes Built A Miniature 1938 Grand Prix Racer Complete With A Real Working V16 Engine

3/28/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Air Edition

3/28/2018 - The Genesis Essentia Concept Looks Too Good Not To Build

3/28/2018 - Come Hang With The $800 Project Redwood Jeep (And Us) In Denver Tonight [Update: Canceled]

3/28/2018 - Please Build The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak But For The Love Of All Things Holy Don’t Make It A Million Dollars

3/28/2018 - Why The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback With A Manual Is Such A Big Deal

3/28/2018 - Here's Why The Electric Jaguar I-Pace Still Has A Functional Front Grille

3/28/2018 - The 2019 Kia K900 Looks Better Than It Needs To

3/28/2018 - The 2019 Subaru Forester Gets A Lot Bigger And Kills The Turbo

3/28/2018 - The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Has A Cool Feature That's Been In Sedans Forever

3/28/2018 - Here Is How To Buy A Used Supercar And Not Get Ripped Off

3/28/2018 - MX-5 Cup Racing In The Rain Is Pure Insanity That You Need To Watch

3/28/2018 - Honda's Cutting Down Accord Production Because We're All Crossover-Crazed Monsters

3/28/2018 - Hero Pours An Entire Box Of Lucky Charms In A Michigan Pothole And Eats It

3/28/2018 - Arizona's Governor Allowed Uber To Test Autonomous Cars In 2016 Without Telling The Public: Report 

3/28/2018 - Honda Civic Takes Passengers For Afternoon Swim In Florida

3/28/2018 - The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Is The German Truck You Didn't Know You Wanted Until Right Now

3/28/2018 - BMW And Mercedes Are Joining Forces But Swear To Remain Fierce Enemies

3/28/2018 - The 2019 Nissan Altima Gets AWD And Could Make Or Break The Variable-Compression Engine

3/28/2018 - I Still Can't Get Over How Comfortable The 488 Spider Was At 150 MPH

3/28/2018 - Volkswagen Will Win America's Hearts With Crossovers Or Die Trying

3/28/2018 - The Lincoln Aviator Looks Surprisingly Good For A Three-Row Crossover

3/28/2018 - Natalie Prass -- 'Short Court Style'

3/28/2018 - The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Gets Tough

3/28/2018 - At $8,000, Would You Be Shocked By This 2001 BMW 330ci Electric Conversion?

3/27/2018 - Cadillac Is Still Talking About A Halo Car And I Wish It Would Just Show Up Already

3/27/2018 - Uber Won't Renew Permit To Test Self-Driving Cars In California After Fatal Crash 

3/27/2018 - The 2019 Cadillac XT4 Is Surprisingly Cheap

3/27/2018 - The Jaguar F-Pace SVR Is A 550 HP Luxurious Machine 

3/27/2018 - The 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback Can Hit 0-60 In Just 4 Seconds

3/27/2018 - Comment Of The Day: The Stars At Night Are Dim Not Bright Edition

3/27/2018 - The 1997 Tokyo Motor Show Debuted One Big Hint At What Our Future Would Become

3/27/2018 - All Pagani Huayra BCs And Roadsters Recalled For A Tiny Little Battery Issue

3/27/2018 - Google's Waymo CEO: We'd Fight A Ban On Human Driving

3/27/2018 - How My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Made It 1,700 Miles To Moab Despite A Scary Breakdown

3/27/2018 - This Theoretical Dude Pays The Cheapest Car Insurance In America

3/27/2018 - I Can't Look Away From This Guy Gutting A Mercedes-Benz S-Class Seat

3/27/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The Jaguar I-Pace?

3/27/2018 - NTSB Opens Investigation Into Deadly Tesla Model X Crash

3/27/2018 - Lamborghini Wants To Race Its Urus SUV

3/27/2018 - The Dealer Doesn't Care If You Can't Afford Your Car

3/27/2018 - Watch A Yard Disappear Before Your Eyes In A Giant Cloud Of Honda Burnout Smoke

3/27/2018 - The Rolls-Royce Wraith Luminary Puts Shooting Stars In Your Car Because Only Peasants Go Outside

3/27/2018 - The Emergency Nissan 200SX Repair That Might Have Been Overseen By A Guardian Angel

3/27/2018 - Uber's Autonomous Test Cars Had Volvo's Safety Systems Disabled

3/27/2018 - Thief Uses Forklift To Steal A Father-Son Honda Civic Project Car

3/27/2018 - Tell Us Your Biggest Automotive Regret

3/27/2018 - Dealers Ask: Have New Cars Become Too Expensive?

3/27/2018 - Google's Waymo Partners With Jaguar Land Rover To Build 'Up To' 20,000 Autonomous I-Paces By 2020

3/27/2018 - Strike Me Down Now Before The Madness Makes Me Buy This Terrible Toyota Corolla

3/27/2018 - I Am Quietly Obsessed With This V6 Corvette

3/27/2018 - The Saints -- 'No Time'

3/27/2018 - At $3,200, Might This 1985 Ford LTD Interceptor Prove An Arresting Deal?

3/26/2018 - Project Redwood Defies The Odds And Arrives In Moab

3/26/2018 - Arizona's Governor Ends Uber's Self-Driving Car Tests Indefinitely

3/26/2018 - Russian Avalanche Descends, Crushes And Consumes Cars

3/26/2018 - The 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Is The First Of The Brand's New Off-Road Packages

3/26/2018 - Here's How Toyota's New 'Dynamic Force Engine' Is Engineered To Be More Efficient

3/26/2018 - Lynk & Co Unveiled A New Crossover And Still Thinks You Should 'Subscribe' To It

3/26/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Tesla Or Edison Edition

3/26/2018 - Check Out The Smorgasbord Of Incredible Cars That Took Over Austin For Pirelli World Challenge

3/26/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The Tesla Model 3?

3/26/2018 - The 2019 Honda Insight Looks Whatever But Gets 55 MPG In The City

3/26/2018 - Update: After A Hail Mary Coolant Infusion, Our Boys Are Back In The Game

3/26/2018 - Go Inside Ford's High-Tech CD-ROM Simulator From 1996

3/26/2018 - I Want To Invite F1's Kimi Raikkonen To Celebrations For All Of My Major Life Events

3/26/2018 - Ferrari Is Recalling Some 488s Over Possible Failure From Worn Out Brakes 

3/26/2018 - NASCAR Truck Series Race Ends With A Near Photo Finish After A Two-Day Snow Delay

3/26/2018 - Well This Is Concerning

3/26/2018 - Try Not To Gasp When A Rag Gets Sucked Into This Turbo

3/26/2018 - Here's What The Lincoln Continental Should Have Looked Like

3/26/2018 - This Is Probably The 992 Porsche 911

3/26/2018 - The 2019 Infiniti QX50 Hides A Fascinating Engine In Plain Sight

3/26/2018 - New York’s Governor Will Drive A Formula E Car To The Auto Show (Probably Because The Subway Doesn't Work) [UPDATE: No]

3/26/2018 - Airlines Are Asking The Trump Administration To Allow Them To Hide Fees 

3/26/2018 - These Are Your Deepest And Most Shameful Car Secrets

3/26/2018 - Waymo CEO: Our Self-Driving Car Tech Would've Avoided Deadly Uber Crash 

3/26/2018 - Watch A Corvette ZR1 Do 190 MPH Without The Giant Rear Wing

3/26/2018 - Ford's Finally Trying Again In Europe

3/26/2018 - We May See A Volkswagen Pickup Truck Concept This Week

3/26/2018 - The Lincoln Continental Is Getting Suicide Doors: Report

3/26/2018 - Rilo Kiley -- 'Portions for Foxes'

3/26/2018 - At $5,300, Could You Form A Bond With This 1998 BMW Z3 Roadster?

3/25/2018 - Two Women Led A Race At The Same Time For The First Time In World Challenge History

3/25/2018 - Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW E9 Wallpaper Is Here

3/25/2018 - What It Was Like Driving My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 700 Miles To Missouri

3/25/2018 - The Jalopnik Bump Works Even When You Add The Sticker Right Before The Race

3/25/2018 - Show Us Why You Love Japanese Cars And Why I Should Too

3/25/2018 - The Former Cabaret Dancer Who Became 'The Bugatti Queen' And The Fastest Woman Alive

3/25/2018 - How Our $800 Rear-Wheel Drive Jeep Handled An Unexpected Snowstorm

3/25/2018 - Friendship Ended With B-Spec, Now TCR Is My Best Tiny Hatchback Racing Friend

3/25/2018 - F1 And Chill With Netflix's Upcoming 2018 Season Documentary Series

3/25/2018 - ESPN's F1 Season Opener Broadcast Was A Catastrophe

3/25/2018 - Haas F1 Messed Up Their Best Race Yet Because Of A Wheel Nut

3/24/2018 - No. 3 K-Pax Bentley Rides The Jalopnik Bump To A World Challenge GTA Class Win

3/24/2018 - Quick Question: Should There Be More Non-Driving-Related Foot Controls?

3/24/2018 - The Grid At Pirelli World Challenge’s Austin Race Is A Mix Of Everything Awesome

3/24/2018 - How Much Will This Super Clean 5,664-Mile 1994 Toyota Supra Sell For?

3/24/2018 - Uber’s Autonomous Test Cars Lagged Behind Competitors Before The Arizona Crash: Report

3/24/2018 - Line Up, Ladies, The 1912 Baker Model-V Was Made For You

3/24/2018 - By The Car Gods' Mercy My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Has Begun Its 1,700-Mile Journey To Moab

3/24/2018 - How Subaru Outsmarted A Bad Consumer Reports Review And Took Over America

3/24/2018 - Two Big Bentleys And A Little Honda Civic Type R Have The Jalopnik Bump This Weekend

3/24/2018 - People Showing Up To Fast And Furious Locations To 'Pay Their Respects' Is A Thing

3/24/2018 - Bottas Wipes Out In Australia Qualifying But Hamilton Crushes Track Record

3/24/2018 - F1's Onboard Camera Is Pretty Terrible With The Halo

3/24/2018 - So This Is Happening

3/23/2018 - Next Up On Jalopnik Movie Club: Watch Gone In 60 Seconds This Weekend

3/23/2018 - Watch Top Gear's Chris Harris Passionately Explain The Genius Design Of His Citroen 2CV

3/23/2018 - This Week On Instagram: Dodge Vipers, C3 Corvettes, Lost Transmissions And Tough Smarts

3/23/2018 - Even The United States Army Is No Match For That Low-Ass Bridge

3/23/2018 - We're Throwing A New York Auto Show Party! Come Drink

3/23/2018 - Your Guide To The 2018 Formula One Season

3/23/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Taking It To The Maxima Edition

3/23/2018 - Mazda's Tiny V6 Was Weirdly Overbuilt

3/23/2018 - Hold It In And Don't Exhale

3/23/2018 - This Guy Built A Skyline-Powered Ford Falcon Out Of Spares And Garbage

3/23/2018 - Here Are All Of The Ridiculous Names NASCAR Has Called The Brickyard 400

3/23/2018 - LIDAR Maker Velodyne Shifts Away Blame In Fatal Uber Self-Driving Crash

3/23/2018 - The Mahindra Roxor Is A Reincarnated Willys Jeep And You Absolutely Need One

3/23/2018 - Nissan Will Use Decommissioned Leaf Batteries To Light A Town Torn Apart By An Earthquake

3/23/2018 - There's One American Carmaker That Seems To Like Cartoon Mascots More Than Any Other

3/23/2018 - Teen Driving Test Goes Fine, Just Fine

3/23/2018 - The 2019 Nissan Altima Also Brings Semi-Autonomous Tech To The Masses

3/23/2018 - The 2018 Subaru Levorg Is A WRX Wagon For Grown-Ups

3/23/2018 - Here's How Much It Costs To Run An Underfunded NASCAR Race Team

3/23/2018 - This McLaren 650S Wreck Wasn't That Terrible All Things Considered

3/23/2018 - The Subaru BRZ Proves A Modern Rear-Wheel Drive Car Is Great For Winter Driving

3/23/2018 - Porsche Won't Offer Free Fast Charging For Its Mission E Owners 

3/23/2018 - How Nissan Plans To Go All-In On Electric Vehicles

3/23/2018 - The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch Actually Seems Awesome Because It Keeps The Manual

3/23/2018 - The Original Audi R8 Is Still The Best R8

3/23/2018 - Kendrick Lamar & SZA -- 'All The Stars'

3/23/2018 - At $4,500, Could This 1978 Dodge Aspen Be A Deal, Plain And Simple?

3/22/2018 - I Still Don't Understand How He Does This

3/22/2018 - I Am Unduly Excited For The 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport

3/22/2018 - We're Enjoying All The Incredible Race Cars At Pirelli World Challenge This Weekend

3/22/2018 - Smokey And The Bandit Will Change Your Life

3/22/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Sideways Edition 

3/22/2018 - Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin's Family Settles With Fiat Chrysler In Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Report 

3/22/2018 - The Cadillac ATS-V: Is It As Good As We First Thought?

3/22/2018 - WRC Is NASCAR

3/22/2018 - Car Companies Are Arguing Against Basic Science On Climate Change

3/22/2018 - The Worst Car Delivery Story Ever Involves A Flipped-Over Cadillac And An Alleged Shotgun

3/22/2018 - The Dodge Viper Factory Will Be Turned Into A Fiat Chrysler Historic Car Storage Facility

3/22/2018 - Almost Everyone Uses Two People For Testing Autonomous Cars Except Uber

3/22/2018 - Why You'd Bother Buying A Maserati In 2018

3/22/2018 - F1 Won't Say When Its New Streaming Service Will Be Ready

3/22/2018 - You Can Buy An Almost Pristine Porsche 356 For Less Than $6,000

3/22/2018 - The 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Is The Best-Kept Sleeper Wagon Secret You Can Buy

3/22/2018 - I've Purchased Bad Cars And I Need To Change My Ways! What Car Should I Buy?

3/22/2018 - (It's Not Correct)

3/22/2018 - 1200 Horsepower Four-Rotor Mazda MX-5 Shreds The Aussie F1 Circuit

3/22/2018 - Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Gets Pulled Over At 160 MPH

3/22/2018 - Yes, Even Your McLaren Needs Insurance

3/22/2018 - My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Should Already Be On The Road To Utah But The Problems Never Stop

3/22/2018 - Uber Has No Damn Business Testing Self-Driving Cars

3/22/2018 - These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Cars From 2006 To 2016 To Insure

3/22/2018 - 'Nobody Knows What To Do' To Prove Autonomous Car Testing Can Be Safe

3/22/2018 - We Should Pastel All Subaru BRZs

3/22/2018 - Here's Why Aerodynamic Wheel Covers Don't Come On Every New Car

3/22/2018 - Brian Tyler — 'F1 Theme Song'

3/22/2018 - At $15,500, Does This High-Riding 1984 Subaru Brat GL Lift Your Spirits?

3/21/2018 - Here's What $3 Million For A 1,035 HP Ferrari FXX K Gets You

3/21/2018 - What Other Cars Should Get Cadillac's New Twin-Turbo V8? 

3/21/2018 - This Rarely-Seen Sketch Suggests An Alternate History From When Renault Bought AMC

3/21/2018 - Video Shows Driver In Autonomous Uber Was Looking Down Moments Before Fatal Crash

3/21/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Coming For Your Love Edition

3/21/2018 - People Aren't Sure If They'd Sue After An Accident With A Driverless Car

3/21/2018 - Watch Baseball-Sized Hail Pound The Crap Out Of A Bunch Of New Chevys

3/21/2018 - Here Are Some Of The Great Things Women In Motorsports Are Up To Lately

3/21/2018 - Motorcycles, Brought To You By Porn

3/21/2018 - Why Your Favorite Car Channels Are Getting Fed Up With YouTube

3/21/2018 - No, Benjamin Franklin Did NOT Invent The Odometer

3/21/2018 - This Wonderful Wrap Makes An Acura NSX Look Like A Drawing Of Itself

3/21/2018 - What Is The Correct Pronunciation Of 'Porsche'? A Cargument

3/21/2018 - IndyCar Will Move To NBC's Networks Full Time In 2019

3/21/2018 - The $50,000 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Is Japanese Performance At Its Finest

3/21/2018 - Elon Gets His Money, Now He Has To Deliver

3/21/2018 - These Nuts Are Building A Caster-Wheeled Drift Cart Out Of A Volvo V70 Chopped In Half

3/21/2018 - How Jenni Helms Survived Tragedy To Stay Ferrari's No-Comeback Kid

3/21/2018 - This Twin-Turbo V8 Is The First Cadillac-Only V8 In Decades

3/21/2018 - There's Now A Haynes Repair Manual For The F-14 Tomcat

3/21/2018 - BMW's Electric Plan Is Crossover Dominance

3/21/2018 - These Are The 2018 Cars Consumer Reports Says Will Make It Over 200,000 Miles

3/21/2018 - Toyota And Nutonomy Also Halt Autonomous Testing After Fatal Uber Crash

3/21/2018 - These Grilles Make Your Jeep Look Stupid, Not Tough

3/21/2018 - Tom Lehrer--'Poisoning Pigeons In The Park'

3/21/2018 - At $12,000, Might This 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland CRD Be A Smokin’ Hot Deal?

3/20/2018 - The 1989 Tokyo Motor Show Is Where I Will Go To Find Joy Again

3/20/2018 - Monterey Car Week Is Best Experienced In A 1972 Porsche 911

3/20/2018 - Here's What Interference Engines Are And Why They Exist At All

3/20/2018 - If You Were Looking For Another Chance To Buy Baby Driver's Subaru WRX This Is It

3/20/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Jeep Be With You Edition

3/20/2018 - Become Lord Of The Seven Wastes With This Offroad Bentley

3/20/2018 - Please Make Sure Your Car Has All Of Its Wheels

3/20/2018 - Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Big Discount On A Used Car

3/20/2018 - Why Aftermarket Siping On Your New Tires Is Bullshit (Updated)

3/20/2018 - Oh, Honey

3/20/2018 - An Off-Roading McLaren 720S Is One Of The Most Nerve-Wracking Things We've Seen All Week

3/20/2018 - Tell Us Your Most Shameful Car Secret

3/20/2018 - You'll Have To Stream At Least Some F1 This Year

3/20/2018 - Get Real About Self-Driving Cars

3/20/2018 - The Jeep Sandstorm Concept Is A Jeep Wrangler JL Turned Into The Ultimate Baja Racer

3/20/2018 - The Jeep 4SPEED Concept Is So Light It Gets A Two Inch Lift For Free

3/20/2018 - The Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip Is What Happens When You Take An Old Jeep And Add Perfection

3/20/2018 - The Jeep Jeepster Concept Puts Modern Off-Road Tech Under 1960s Style

3/20/2018 - Video Shows Pedestrian In Fatal Uber Crash Stepped In Front Of Self-Driving Car: Police (UPDATED) 

3/20/2018 - F1's New Font Is Killing My Eyeballs

3/20/2018 - A Twin-Turbo V6 Audi R8 Would Actually Rule And It Looks Like It's Coming Real Soon

3/20/2018 - Magna Steyr Could Build The New Supra And BMW Z4: Report

3/20/2018 - I Have Determined The Correct Amount Of Gears

3/20/2018 - I'll Believe A Nissan 400Z Is Happening When I See It On Dealer Lots

3/20/2018 - The Fatal Uber Crash Was The Autonomous Driving Industry's Worst Fears Come True

3/20/2018 - Screw The Equinox, This Is How You Know It's Spring

3/20/2018 - Blur — 'You're So Great'

3/20/2018 - For $3,000, Could This 1998 Land Rover Discovery Channel Your Inner Offroader?

3/19/2018 - The Bentley Bentayga's Fingerprint Security Box Doesn't Look Like It Fits Anything

3/19/2018 - Here's The 2019 Kia K9, The Replacement For The K900 You Forgot, Before You're Supposed To See It

3/19/2018 - Cargo Ship Crashes Into Cargo Ship Sending Cars Falling Into The Water

3/19/2018 - Meh Car Monday: Ugh, The Mercury Villager, Especially That Nautica One

3/19/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Well Travelled Designer Edition

3/19/2018 - Cadillac Allanté Owners Sure Are Pissed At The Concours d'Lemons

3/19/2018 - Why Uber Could Be Held Criminally Liable In Fatal Crash Involving Autonomous Car (Updated)

3/19/2018 - Pray For My Bank Account Because The Toyota JZX90 Is Now Legal To Import

3/19/2018 - The Incredible 25,000 Mile Road Trip Through Africa That Had This Man Wrenching For His Life

3/19/2018 - If You're Wondering What Those Ben-Hur Wheel Spikes Are And If They're Legal We're Here To Help 

3/19/2018 - Don't Cut Off A Bus

3/19/2018 - Here's Why Drivers Love And Hate Racing The King Of The Hammers

3/19/2018 - It Is Not Fun To Watch This Crane Knead A Ferrari 458 Spider Like Bread Dough

3/19/2018 - Take A Closer Look At The Ultimate Custom Built BMW 8 Series

3/19/2018 - There's A Hidden Gourmet Donut Shop In A New York City Car Wash

3/19/2018 - Aston Martin Has A Pretty Good Idea For Making New Electric Cars

3/19/2018 - Uber Self-Driving Test Car Kills Pedestrian In Arizona

3/19/2018 - Volkswagen's All-Electric Pikes Peak Race Car Looks Like Something From Our Terrifying Sci-Fi Future

3/19/2018 - I Just Made One Of The Dumbest Wrenching Mistakes Of My Life

3/19/2018 - These Are The Most Bullshit Reasons You've Gotten Pulled Over

3/19/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Subaru Levorg? 

3/19/2018 - Watch MotorWeek Drive An Ultra-Rare Manual Jeep Grand Cherokee

3/19/2018 - Apparently Autonomous Cars Will Need Smarter Door Hatches Too

3/19/2018 - Volkswagen's New Chinese Crossover Is Heading For America Too

3/19/2018 - With Four Dead, The Feds Probe Hyundai-Kia Airbags

3/19/2018 - An Exploding Drag Car Looks Like It's Being Raptured To Heaven

3/19/2018 - The Pointer Sisters -- 'Neutron Dance'

3/19/2018 - At $5,200, Could This 2007 VW Eos Prove To Be An Indelible Deal?

3/18/2018 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Toyota Celica Wallpaper Is Here

3/18/2018 - IMSA Really Messed Up Their Balance Of Performance At Sebring This Weekend

3/18/2018 - Volkswagen Built A Unique V5 Engine, And This Is How It Works

3/18/2018 - The Bizarre War Over Tupac’s BMW

3/18/2018 - McLaren Is Incredibly Dismissive Of Electric Sports Cars

3/18/2018 - Every Toyota Starlet Should Have A Motorcycle Engine

3/18/2018 - Leading Car Waits Until The Last Lap Of A Two-Hour Race To Break

3/18/2018 - It Snowed At Goodwood And They Raced Anyway

3/18/2018 - If You Want A Hideous British Roadster, Buy This Daimler

3/17/2018 - Owner Of Sebring's Second Place Team Was So Excited That He Called The Race 'Fucking Ace' On TV

3/17/2018 - Sebring Oops Gives Us A Great Look In The Rear Of The Mid-Engine Porsche 911 RSR

3/17/2018 - 12 Hours Of Sebring Interrupted By Advertisement

3/17/2018 - The Jeep Wrangler JL's 'Donut' Half-Doors Are Not Actually Happening

3/17/2018 - Domino’s Franchise Threatens YouTuber Who Restored DXP Pizza Car With Lawsuit

3/17/2018 - You Could Once Buy A Volkswagen-Powered Boat From Your Volkswagen Dealer

3/17/2018 - The Proper Spot For A Spare Tire Is On The Rear Door

3/17/2018 - Remember Mercury?

3/17/2018 - The 12 Hours Of Sebring Started With A First-Turn Crash And A Rollover

3/17/2018 - The Entire Dodge Car Lineup Is Old As Hell

3/17/2018 - Feds Halt All Nationwide 'Doors-Off' Helicopter Tours Following Fatal NYC Crash

3/17/2018 - Here's All The Wonderful Racing Happening This Weekend

3/16/2018 - This Joke Writes Itself

3/16/2018 - This Year's 12 Hours Of Sebring Pole Sitter Also Set A New Lap Record

3/16/2018 - Self-Driving Cars Shouldn't Rely On GPS Because The Sun Is A Giant Unpredictable Fusion Explosion

3/16/2018 - Here Are Your Best Instagram Posts From This Week

3/16/2018 - Yes, There Will Really Be A Roseanne 300 NASCAR Race

3/16/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Difficulty Level Hard Edition

3/16/2018 - The Lincoln Aviator Is Coming Back

3/16/2018 - Here's What A BMW 5 Series Can Do With $14,000 In Dinan Upgrades

3/16/2018 - This Ferrari F1 Car Vaporized The Road Atlanta Lap Record Into Another Dimension

3/16/2018 - A Message From Our Lawyer (UPDATED)

3/16/2018 - The Ford Mustang Cements 2018 As The Year Of The Green Comeback

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3/16/2018 - Say Goodbye To The W12 Audi A8

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3/16/2018 - What's The Weirdest Mystery Of Your Car?

3/16/2018 - Florida Man Conquers Sebring Infield By Mudding During The 12 Hour Race

3/16/2018 - How To Turn An Old Diesel Mercedes Into The Ultimate Off-Roading Wagon

3/16/2018 - Lyft Is Offering A Flat Monthly Subscription Service For Frequent Riders

3/16/2018 - The World's Most Perfect 1980s Mustang On Film Is One Of The Nicest Photo Shoots In Years

3/16/2018 - Here's Why You Should Burn Your Saturday Watching The 12 Hours Of Sebring

3/16/2018 - AJ Foyt Attacked By Killer Bees Again, Kills Bees With Fire

3/16/2018 - This 750-HP LS7 Crate Engine From Mercury Racing Will Solve All Of Life's Problems

3/16/2018 - The 2019 Ram 1500 Is The Truck You'll Want To Live In

3/16/2018 - McLaren Embraces Ugly F1 Halo And Gets Flip Flops Sponsorship

3/16/2018 - You've Got To Admire How Amazingly Overcomplicated This Headlight Design Is

3/16/2018 - General Motors Is Spending $100 Million On Driverless Car Factories

3/16/2018 - Yes, It Is In Fact Possible To Autocross An Isetta

3/16/2018 - Shinyribs — 'Donut Taco Palace'

3/16/2018 - For $600, Could This 1994 Ford Probe Be Your Lockless Monster?

3/15/2018 - Watch This Probably Fake Video Of A Russian Guy Cutting The Corner Off A Car So He Can Park

3/15/2018 - Here's What It Was Like To Fly On The Soviet Concorde

3/15/2018 - Nobody Is Good Enough For The New Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

3/15/2018 - Car Blocking Street Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Baseball Team

3/15/2018 - Logan Lucky Is The NASCAR Heist Movie That Could've Been The Next Ocean's 11 But Wasn't

3/15/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Lifehack Edition

3/15/2018 - This Teaser Means The Ford Bronco Might Look Like The Boxy Off-Roader It Deserves To Be

3/15/2018 - Ford's New Co-Pilot360 System Doesn't Seem Like A Particularly Good Co-Pilot

3/15/2018 - The Ford Raptor Is Too Big

3/15/2018 - Honda Is Again Trying To Make The World's Fastest Lawnmower

3/15/2018 - Ford Explorer ST Confirmed As We Stray Further From God’s Light

3/15/2018 - Cadillac Won't Abandon Performance Cars Even As It Fights To Serve Two Masters

3/15/2018 - The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Shows Off Its Angry Face

3/15/2018 - Florida Pedestrian Bridge Constructed Barely A Week Ago Collapses, Killing Multiple People

3/15/2018 - This Baby Ford Bronco Is How Ford Will Battle Jeep

3/15/2018 - The Turbocharged 2018 Mazda6 Will Start At $30,090

3/15/2018 - All The Insane Toys You Play With If You're Rich Enough To Be A Ferrari Corse Clienti Customer

3/15/2018 - Your Audi Can Now 'Talk' With Traffic Lights In Washington D.C. 

3/15/2018 - This 200 Horsepower Tata Nano Built With Formula Three Parts Is So Good

3/15/2018 - The All-Electric Audi E-Tron GT Will Be Your Sleek Chariot Into The Future

3/15/2018 - I Want A Cheap Beach Wagon That Doesn't Mind Getting Salty! What Car Should I Buy?

3/15/2018 - What The Hell Is Trump Talking About With Japan Dropping Bowling Balls On Cars?

3/15/2018 - Russian Plane Loses $378 Million In Gold After Door Breaks Upon Takeoff

3/15/2018 - Dammit: No More Audi R8 After This One By The Looks Of It

3/15/2018 - The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Is Absurdly High-Tech For A Three-Cylinder Hatchback

3/15/2018 - The Ford F-150 Franchise Is Reportedly Worth More Than Ford Itself

3/15/2018 - Bask In 28 Minutes Of Gloriously Weird Ads For Japan's '80s And '90s Luxury Sports Cars 

3/15/2018 - It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Search For A Good Garage

3/15/2018 - Guided by Voices — 'Everywhere With Helicopter'

3/15/2018 - At $7,900, Would It Take Wild Horses To Drag You Away From This 1996 Ford Bronco XLT?

3/14/2018 - Here’s China’s Jeep Grand Commander Just Driving Around Ann Arbor

3/14/2018 - The Auto Industry Will Never Be Insane Enough To Make The Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce Again

3/14/2018 - Do You Believe In Aliens?

3/14/2018 - Aston Martin Is Planning Yet Another Mid-Engine Hypercar To Kick McLaren's Ass

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3/14/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Fun Trivia Edition

3/14/2018 - No One Is Buying The Lincoln Continental

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3/14/2018 - A Gaping Loophole Could Shield Autonomous Car Companies From Lawsuits

3/14/2018 - Why The Ferrari F1 Team Has The Power To Veto Series Rules

3/14/2018 - Tesla's Apparently Serious About Building A Supercharger Station With A Drive-In Restaurant

3/14/2018 - Here Are The Amazing Tools You Can Borrow For Free From Your Local Car Parts Store

3/14/2018 - Somehow You Can Still Order A Cizeta V16T Right Now

3/14/2018 - This Oregon Tourism Ad Is A Glorious Tribute To Studio Ghibli

3/14/2018 - A Search For Japan's Best Driving Roads In A 562 HP McLaren Led Straight To Nirvana

3/14/2018 - Watch A Wankel Rotary Engine’s Beautiful Explosions Through A Transparent Housing

3/14/2018 - Here's Every Car-Related Tax Break Congress Included In The New Budget

3/14/2018 - More Proof That Off-Road Builds Make Every Car Better

3/14/2018 - The Kia Stinger GT Beasts The Ford Mustang GT

3/14/2018 - Watch A Man Dressed As Elsa From Frozen Shove A Stuck Police Truck Out Of The Snow

3/14/2018 - The Toyota Prius Prime Is Only Good For One Thing

3/14/2018 - New 'Americas Rallycross' Series Won't Start In The Americas (Updated)

3/14/2018 - Huge Dose Of Salt On This But Maybe The Next Nissan Z Will Be Developed With Mercedes

3/14/2018 - Ford Recalling Nearly 1.4 Million Fusions And Lincolns Because The Dang Steering Wheels Could Fall Off

3/14/2018 - Lamborghini Is Determined To Stick With V10s

3/14/2018 - Get Ready For A Good Old Fashioned States' Rights Fight Over Emissions

3/14/2018 - This Volvo Wagon May Become The World's Biggest Crazy Cart

3/14/2018 - Local Billionaire Involved In Launch Of Comedy Project: Report

3/14/2018 - Garbage -- 'Special' 

3/14/2018 - At $13,500, Could This 1997 Saab 9000 CSE 50Yr Edition Make You Want To Party Hearty?

3/13/2018 - The Ferrari F40 Is Not Stopped By Your Pitiful Snow

3/13/2018 - Trump's 'Space Force' Idea Sounds Kind Of Stupid But It's Been Around Forever

3/13/2018 - Here's Everything You Need To See From The Geneva Motor Show

3/13/2018 - Aliens Are Still Probably Real And Here's Another UFO Video From The Navy To Prove It

3/13/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Now That's Rare Edition

3/13/2018 - Dog Dies On United Flight After Flight Attendant Forces Him To Ride In Overhead Compartment

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3/13/2018 - Doctor Who Wrecked Ferrari F40 Demands $758,000 Payout Because He’s ‘Embarrassed’

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3/13/2018 - New York’s Subway Is Slow Because They Slowed Down The Trains After A 1995 Accident

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3/13/2018 - Watch Out For Dealers That Offer A Low Price With A High-Interest Rate

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3/13/2018 - tUnE-yArDs-'Bizness'

3/13/2018 - For $9,900, Could This 2002 Lexus SC430 Overcome Your Prejudices Against The Lexus SC430?

3/12/2018 - GM Exec Wants To Make Premium Gas The New Regular Gas

3/12/2018 - Can You Help Identify These Parts From A Tesla Model X Hit-And-Run?

3/12/2018 - Praise The Car Gods, The Electrical Gremlins Have Left My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 

3/12/2018 - Porsche Is Considering A Sporty Electric Coupe Based On The Mission E

3/12/2018 - Comment Of The Day: The Time Is Right For A Cadillac Land Yacht Edition

3/12/2018 - CMT Is Looking Into A Reality Show About NASCAR Spouses

3/12/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Jeep Liberty, Because Even An Icon Can Make Meh

3/12/2018 - Texas Town Replaces Its Public Transit With Uber-Like Service Called Via

3/12/2018 - These Wonderful Madmen Stuffed A BMW V8 Into The Front Of A Mini

3/12/2018 - Formula One Legend Ayrton Senna's Race Suit Is Up For Auction 

3/12/2018 - Cadillac CEO: No One Will Buy Our Sedans Because Teens And Infrastructure

3/12/2018 - Ferrari Says That A Hybrid V8 Is 'Coming For 2019,' Will Undoubtedly Power Hopes And Dreams 

3/12/2018 - Guess This Engine!

3/12/2018 - This Is Your Moss-Filled Dystopian Tire Of The Future

3/12/2018 - Some Dang Teens Stole 46 Goddamn Cars: Police 

3/12/2018 - Secrets Of The 'Scandinavian Flick' And Other Ice Driving Tricks

3/12/2018 - Faraday Future Could Actually Make A Production Car By The End Of 2018

3/12/2018 - Toyota Engineer Punts Your Dreams Of A Turbo 86 Into A Trash Compactor

3/12/2018 - Drifting Enthusiast Found After Being Missing For Weeks

3/12/2018 - Buick Is Taking Its Own Name Off Of Its Cars Next Year

3/12/2018 - These Are Your Most Bizarre Road Trip Stories

3/12/2018 - Watch A Hit-And-Run Driver Get Instant Karma In The Form Of A Sledgehammer

3/12/2018 - Dealer Calls Man A ‘Fuckwit’ Over Ford Focus RS Head Gasket Recall

3/12/2018 - Things Go From Bad To Worse For Drift Car On Tow Truck

3/12/2018 - Here's How Volkswagen Will Try To Figure Out The American Market (Again)

3/12/2018 - The 2019 Ford Mustang Brings Back The California Special

3/12/2018 - Oasis -- 'Don't Look Back In Anger'

3/12/2018 - For $22,750, Could This Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Get Your Horses Prancing?

3/11/2018 - Five Dead After Helicopter Crashes In New York City's East River (Updated)

3/11/2018 - IndyCar Rookie Nearly Won His First Race Until He Got Stuffed Into A Wall

3/11/2018 - DOT Ratings For Motorcycle Helmets Are Egregiously Outdated

3/11/2018 - Rally Mexico Winner Sébastien Ogier Nearly Lost It Saving A Dog's Life

3/11/2018 - This Four-Cylinder Porsche 914 Just Sold For $93,000

3/11/2018 - This Lotus Exige Is A 750-horsepower Hill Climb Conqueror

3/11/2018 - Aston Martin Is Considering Sourcing An AMG-Built Hybrid Inline-Six

3/11/2018 - This Is How Audi's Electric Supercharger Works To Eliminate Turbo Lag

3/11/2018 - Amazon May Not Renew The Grand Tour After Season Three: Report (Updated)

3/11/2018 - This Rare Rotary-Engined Kit Car Makes A Miata Look Huge

3/10/2018 - Jerry Seinfeld Says He Came Up With The Porsche 911 R

3/10/2018 - The BMW E36 M3 Might Be The Best M3

3/10/2018 - The Chevrolet Citation Shares One Strange Design Quirk With Some Actually Interesting Cars

3/10/2018 - Here's How The U.S. Army Tests The Humvee's Replacement

3/10/2018 - This Lifted Corvette Became A BMW-Powered Race Car For Way Cheaper Than You Think

3/10/2018 - Show Us The Cars You Aren't Allowed To Buy

3/10/2018 - President Trump's Planned Military Parade In D.C. Won't Have Tanks

3/10/2018 - Recover From Daylight Savings Time With Some Racing

3/9/2018 - Three Miles Of Unused Locomotives Is Undeniably Haunting

3/9/2018 - Here Are Your Best Instagram Posts From This Week

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3/9/2018 - How Flying Became The Safest Way To Travel

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3/9/2018 - A Black Hawk Helicopter Accidentally Dropped An Equipment Bundle On A Hawaiian Elementary School

3/9/2018 - Shocking Revelation, Lamborghini Says Sales Of Its New SUV Are ‘Terrific’

3/9/2018 - Tell Me How To Feel About This Ferrari F430 Spider Interior

3/9/2018 - A $77,000 2018 Ford Expedition Is A Very Fine Family Truckster

3/9/2018 - 'We Like To Start The Engine' And Other Very Excellent Eurobeat Lyrics

3/9/2018 - I Would Buy This Modified 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow For $113,000, Sure

3/9/2018 - Unlike The Kia Stinger The 2019 Genesis G70 Will Get A Manual

3/9/2018 - The Guy Auctioning Off Tupac And Biggie's Murder Cars Is Having Trouble Selling Them

3/9/2018 - GM Wants The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Expanded As The Phase Out For GM Looms

3/9/2018 - Hey, Look, I Found The Creepiest Auto Accessory Ever

3/9/2018 - Perhaps The Future Of Subaru’s Manual Transmission Isn’t So Bleak After All

3/9/2018 - Detroit Thieves Steal Cargo Vans Full Of Dry-Cleaned Police And Fire Uniforms

3/9/2018 - Why The Humble Tercel Is One Of The Most Brilliantly Unusual Toyotas Ever Made

3/9/2018 - This Picture Of Two Starters Contains A Hidden Message About The Human Condition

3/9/2018 - Here's How You Shift An 18-Speed Transmission

3/9/2018 - Lanchesters Were The Pugs Of Cars

3/9/2018 - Recall Levels In The U.S. Haven’t Been This Low In Years

3/9/2018 - Electric Bentleys, Audis And Porsches Will Share The Same Platform Starting In 2022

3/9/2018 - True Hero Of Our Time Replaced His Volvo's Door Chime With Toto's 'Africa'

3/9/2018 - The McLaren BP23 Hyper-GT Will Do 243 MPH And They're Already Sold Out, Sorry

3/9/2018 - King Crimson--'Red'

3/9/2018 - At $6,500, Does This 1988 Pontiac Fiero Have The Right Formula?

3/8/2018 - This Lilac 'Widowmaker' Porsche 911 Turbo Is Proof We Need More Pastel Cars

3/8/2018 - Here's The Volvo S60 Way Before You're Supposed To See It

3/8/2018 - This Is What The New Toyota Supra Looks Like Without All Those Stickers

3/8/2018 - The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL's Price Is Already Jumping Up $750

3/8/2018 - Trusting The Devil Inside The 2003 Remake Of The Italian Job

3/8/2018 - Comment Of The Day: I Will Not Rest Until I Can Buy A Mid-Engine Two-Seater Crossover

3/8/2018 - Trump Is Now Just Reading Elon Musk's Tweets

3/8/2018 - Michigan Man Forced To Sell 20 Cars A Month Has Scrapped 'At Least 75' Cars

3/8/2018 - Trump Signs Steel And Aluminum Tariffs That Will Raise Car Prices But He Swears He'll Be 'Very Flexible' 

3/8/2018 - Man Drove Stolen Car To Court Appearance For Car Theft Charges: Police

3/8/2018 - Here's What It's Like To (Poorly) Drive And Back Up An 18-Wheeler

3/8/2018 - Goodyear Designed A Tire For Electric Cars That Won't Shred So Easily From All That Torque

3/8/2018 - Meet Torako, The Lamborghini Cat In Tokyo

3/8/2018 - The 39 New York City Bridges That Matter, Ranked

3/8/2018 - The Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door Is Not A Four-Door AMG GT

3/8/2018 - This Is What Ford's USPS Mail Truck Prototype Looks Like

3/8/2018 - Wait, Did F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo’s Parents Help Fake Finding That 131 Year Old Message In A Bottle?

3/8/2018 - Don't Even Try To Sleep In The Rear Of Your Tesla When It Goes Into Ludicrous Mode

3/8/2018 - Tesla Driver Claims He Got A Ticket Dismissed After Using Autopilot Defense, But There's More To It

3/8/2018 - You Can Get A Great Deal On A Sleeper Volvo Right Now

3/8/2018 - I Want The Newest But Cheapest Car Possible! What Car Should I Buy?

3/8/2018 - Mercedes Sees The Breadth Of Its Domain, And Weeps For There Are No More Niches To Conquer

3/8/2018 - Michigan Forgives $637 Million In Bullshit Traffic Fees So 300,000 Drivers Can Get Their Licenses Back

3/8/2018 - Thousands Of Saudi Women Are Signing Up For Driving Lessons For The First Time

3/8/2018 - The Sbarro 4x4+2 Is What Happens When You Do Some Seriously Weird Shit To A Porsche Cayenne

3/8/2018 - Here's Why Diesel Engines Have More Torque Than Gasoline Engines

3/8/2018 - Elon Musk's 'Unprecedented' $2.6 Billion Pay Package Defended By Investors

3/8/2018 - When Cars Have Numbers Painted On The Grille: Hell Yeah

3/8/2018 - Handsome Furs--'Serve The People'

3/8/2018 - At $2,495, Could This 1988 BMW 735i End Your Shiftless Ways?

3/7/2018 - Flying And Driving In Antarctica Looks Slow And Scary

3/7/2018 - You Haven't Reached Rock Bottom Until You've Got A Totaled Kia Rio Stuck In Your Backyard

3/7/2018 - People Are Borrowing Record Amounts To Buy A Damn Car

3/7/2018 - Confusing Road Signs Are Trapping Drivers In A Canadian Province

3/7/2018 - Comment Of The Day: First Rule Of Italian Driving Edition

3/7/2018 - The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Could Have Been A Modern Dakar 959 But It’s Just Awkward

3/7/2018 - The Land Rover Discovery Really Can Survive Beyond The Suburbs

3/7/2018 - Putin's Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Is A Rehash Of A Doomsday Device Too Nuts To Build

3/7/2018 - NASCAR Drivers Are Pitching In Money To Help Sponsor One Of Their Own Competitors

3/7/2018 - Zenvo Isn’t About Top Speeds, It’s About Looking Sinister While Going Fast

3/7/2018 - The McLaren F1 Team Hasn't Escaped Those Reliability Problems Yet

3/7/2018 - Is Mini Good Or Terrible? A Cargument

3/7/2018 - Tatiana Calderon Is The Sauber F1 Team's Newest Test Driver

3/7/2018 - Hong Kong's Car Culture Is A Fascinating Mix Of Heroes And Junkers

3/7/2018 - This New USPS Mail Truck Prototype Looks Uhhh…

3/7/2018 - Watch This Gorgeous Footage Of A Whole Lada Sideways Ladas In The Snow

3/7/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Is So Popular I Couldn't Get Near It

3/7/2018 - Transportation Secretary Admits Trump Personally Intervened To Kill A Crucial Tunnel

3/7/2018 - It's Time To Profess My Love For The Nissan 200ZR, The Last Inline-Six Z

3/7/2018 - The Many Outrageous Wings Of The Geneva Motor Show

3/7/2018 - The Volkswagen Beetle Will Not Get A Replacement When It Dies

3/7/2018 - Volkswagen Weirdly Still Has Faith In Diesels

3/7/2018 - We're Going To Have To Wait Until 2019 For Toyota To Show Us The Real Supra

3/7/2018 - The Hyundai Le Fils Rouge Concept Is So Cool Horacio Pagani Took Note

3/7/2018 - The McLaren BP23 Will Be The Fastest McLaren Ever

3/7/2018 - Tenement — 'Stupid Werld'

3/7/2018 - At $19,500, Will This Restored 1972 Datsun 240Z V8 Restore Your Faith?

3/6/2018 - The Rimac C Two's 0-60 Time Is Dumbfounding

3/6/2018 - This Heavy Metal Jaguar XJ6 Is At The End Of Your Quest For Fire

3/6/2018 - Don't Worry You Actually Can Buy The Polestar 1 (Soon)

3/6/2018 - This Cop Doesn't Mind You Doing A Wheelie Through The City

3/6/2018 - Morgan Moved Into The 21st Century And We Didn't Even Notice

3/6/2018 - Humans Already Slapped And Attacked Autonomous Cars In California Twice This Year

3/6/2018 - How Much Will The New Toyota Supra Cost?

3/6/2018 - This Is The Most Bonkers Excuse For Why A Dealer Won’t Send A Written Price Quote

3/6/2018 - Here's How You Decontaminate A Radioactive Chernobyl Truck

3/6/2018 - The Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is Both Terrible And Amazing At The Same Time

3/6/2018 - The New Toyota Supra Definitely Won't Have A Manual

3/6/2018 - Tesla Investors Encouraged To Reject Musk's Potential $55.8 Billion Payday

3/6/2018 - NASCAR Will Be In Two Time Zones This Weekend Because Arizona Ignores Daylight Saving Time

3/6/2018 - The 1,100 Horsepower Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Track Car Looks So Goddamn Cool

3/6/2018 - Renault Wants To Have This Striking All-Electric Autonomous Car On The Road By 2022

3/6/2018 - Researcher Still Finds About 50 Percent Of Uber And Lyft Drivers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage

3/6/2018 - The BMW 8 Series Was Made To Slide In The Dirt

3/6/2018 - We Need Your Help Designing The Future Of Kinja (And You Can Earn Money For It)

3/6/2018 - Here's What Fighter Pilots Talk About When They're Gassing Up In The Sky

3/6/2018 - A Chevrolet Bolt Is Coming That Loses The Rear Seats

3/6/2018 - What Was Your Strangest Road Trip Encounter? 

3/6/2018 - What The New Toyota Supra Has To Live Up To

3/6/2018 - The Rimac C Two Is A Semi-Autonomous Electric Monster With 1,914 HP And Facial Recognition

3/6/2018 - Everything About Trump's Trade War Is Bullshit

3/6/2018 - Driving A $265,000 McLaren In Snow Didn't Work Out

3/6/2018 - The Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept Is The WRX Wagon We Want Back

3/6/2018 - The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Is The High-Performance Future Of Toyota In More Ways Than One

3/6/2018 - The RUF SCR 2018 Is A 510 HP Carbon Fiber Porsche Lookalike

3/6/2018 - The Range Rover SV Coupe Loses Two Doors For $295,000 But It Looks Incredible

3/6/2018 - The Lagonda Vision Concept Is Aston Martin's Dreamy Luxurious Future

3/6/2018 - The 'M' In BMW M8 Gran Coupe Now Just Stands For 'More'

3/6/2018 - Basia -- 'Cruising For Bruising'

3/6/2018 - For $2,500, Is This 1991 VW Jetta VR6 A Steal, Or A Scam?

3/6/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Is How You Haul The Kids To School With 630 HP

3/6/2018 - The Bugatti Chiron Sport Saves Weight With Carbon Fiber Windshield Wiper Arms

3/6/2018 - I Am Emotionally Prepared To See The 2019 Lexus UX Compact Crossover Everywhere

3/6/2018 - Feel Expensive Wind In Your Hair With The 2019 Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder

3/6/2018 - Hyundai's New Look Is Very Different

3/6/2018 - The McLaren Senna GTR Concept Has No Regard For Your Puny 'Laws Of Physics'

3/6/2018 - The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept Is The Future Whether You Like It Or Not

3/6/2018 - The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Finally Brings Back A Legend

3/6/2018 - Honda Will Build 'A Version' Of Its Amazing Retro-Futuristic Electric Car

3/5/2018 - Watch Two Toyota Supras Pull Off A Ridiculous Tandem Drifting Jump

3/5/2018 - Next Up On Jalopnik Movie Club: Time To Watch The Remake Of The Italian Job

3/5/2018 - The $2.7 Million Apollo IE Is Going Rogue At The Geneva Auto Show

3/5/2018 - Watch A Tesla Model 3 Go Flat Out On Laguna Seca Raceway

3/5/2018 - Chinese Automaker Geely Offered To Buy Fiat Chrysler For $22 Billion: Report

3/5/2018 - How Top Gear Hit Reset On One Of The Biggest Shows In The World

3/5/2018 - The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid Is A Thing Because Future Regulations Said So

3/5/2018 - Stop Letting Carmen Jorda Speak For All Women 

3/5/2018 - Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Arrested Over F-35 Jet Blast Simulation

3/5/2018 - Heroic Lawmaker Wants To Rid Rhode Island Of Speed Cameras

3/5/2018 - I've Been Procrastinating On My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Build And Now It's Time To Hustle

3/5/2018 - Here's How A 7'7" Basketball Teen Gets Into A Small Car 

3/5/2018 - The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Will Get A Bigger Battery Than Anything Tesla Makes

3/5/2018 - Behold The Amazing Base-Spec 2018 Mercedes A-Class That's Your Next European Rental Car

3/5/2018 - How A Little Red Sports Car Became An Essential Part Of My Family

3/5/2018 - The Halo Isn't Really Bothering Most F1 Drivers On Track

3/5/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 Gets Bigger Turbos And Is Basically An Audi From 10 Years Ago

3/5/2018 - Good Lord, Rimac's New Supercar Will Have Nearly 2,000 HP

3/5/2018 - A Winter Road Trip In A McLaren Is The Best Way To Make Yourself And Others Happy

3/5/2018 - Making Your Most Hated $200 Crapcan Into A Giant Go-Kart Is The Best Revenge

3/5/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake?

3/5/2018 - A Dilapidated Tunnel Could Derail The U.S. Economy And Trump Doesn't Want To Fund Fixes

3/5/2018 - The Most Important Things You Should Know About Fixing Your Own Car

3/5/2018 - Former NASCAR Driver Rick Crawford Attempted To Pay For Sex With A 12-Year-Old Girl: Cops 

3/5/2018 - We Slept In An 18-Wheeler And It's Way Better Than You Think

3/5/2018 - Here's A Reminder That Development Mules Are The Coolest Cars In Existence

3/5/2018 - Congress Needs To Know Automakers Are Probably Full Of Shit On Autonomous Cars

3/5/2018 - Watch This Box Truck Driver Drift An Entire Mountain

3/5/2018 - Your Next Car Should Be Green

3/5/2018 - Shame — ‘Concrete’

3/5/2018 - Is This 1990 Range Rover 300Tdi Unique Enough To Command $21,500?

3/4/2018 - Nissan Shows Off Their Can Am-Style Car That Never Raced

3/4/2018 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Lexus LC500 Wallpaper Is Here

3/4/2018 - A Truck Hauling Exotic Cars Crashed Into A Different Low-Ass Bridge

3/4/2018 - Look Before You Leap

3/4/2018 - You Could Win A Racecar And Fund A Cancer Charity At The Same Time

3/4/2018 - Here Is Some Of The New Toyota Supra GT Concept Before You're Supposed To See It

3/4/2018 - Here's How Similar The Mahindra Roxor Is To An Old Jeep CJ

3/4/2018 - This Fiero Is The Electric Sports Car You Should Buy Right Now

3/4/2018 - These Antera Three-Spoke Wheels Are The Raddest Of All Time

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