Five Dead After Helicopter Crashes In New York City's East River (Updated)

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Around 7:15 p.m. this evening, a Eurocopter AS350 crashed into New York City’s East River, according to eyewitnesses and reports. Video from a bystander shows the helicopter going into the water and starting to sink. A spokesman for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that two died in the crash. Update 7:30 a.m.: More people are reported dead in the crash.


The helicopter flipped upside down on impact, according to NBC4, with five people aboard. Several police boats and helicopters descended on the scene after the crash. A bystander, meanwhile, captured video:


The mayor’s office said that two people died, and one was rescued, which leaves two still unaccounted for. (According to NBC4, the pilot was pulled from the water alive.)

The FAA also said they were investigating.


Update 7:30 a.m.: This morning, CNN reports the pilot is the sole survivor of the crash, brining the toll to five dead. The pilot reportedly also alerted LaGuardia Airport that the helicopter was experiencing engine failure.

The helicopter was owned by Liberty Helicopters, a helicopter sightseeing service. The network says it is the third crash from this company in 11 years.

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Loss of power and an auto-rotation to a hard landing. Floats were deployed, but the hard landing caused the helo to roll over. Nearly all helo landings in water result in a roll over.