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Police in the SoCal city of Santa Ana report they were tracking an individual named Antonio Padilla this week when he appeared to carjack an Audi, crash into a curb and take off on foot. Multiple cop cars and a helicopter were involved in the pursuit, but a flying dog named Puskas shut it down.

In this WVTM 13 aerial video that has been floating around the internet for the 24 hours or so, you can see the suspect appear to block an Audi crossover (Q5?) with a Silverado in an office park.


Despite what appears to be an attempted intervention by a bystander (first responders generally recommend you do not attempt to cowboy like this, by the way) the man police are identifying as Padilla wrangles the Audi away from its operator and zooms to another part of this complex.

It’s somewhat unclear as to why he abandoned the vehicle, but it proves to be the last in a long series of poor decisions leading to K-9 unit Puskas being let off the leash and put into attack mode.


Look close at how far this dog flies. I mean, I knew canines were fast but yikes. I’m definitely never going to walk by a police station with dog treats in my pocket again. Not that I do that anyway. That’d be weird.


Sadly, the Santa Ana police also reported that poor Puskas “lost all of his upper & lower teeth” besides his canines and was sent to surgery. But the story seems to have a happy ending- it seems that the vet was able to take care of Puskas properly and the animal was awarded a Purple Heart for his hardship.

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