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Cargo Ship Crashes Into Cargo Ship Sending Cars Falling Into The Water

My face when dealing with other people’s problems.
Gif: YouTube

Video from the Karachi port in Pakistan shows one cargo ship crash into another docked cargo ship earlier today, dropping 21 shipping containers into the ocean as the workers suck their teeth at the mess being made.

It’s not yet clear exactly what caused the two ships to collide, but according to, only the two ships and multiple shipping containers full of imported cars and other freight were damaged.


The casual nature of the workers standing around capturing video of the crash and its aftermath is hilarious, but the ending clip of the air rapidly screaming its way out of a container as it sinks to the bottom of the port is also sort of oddly sad and morbid.

Operations are expected to resume after they manage to scoop up all of the container pieces. If your online order is suddenly delayed, you may have just watched it go floating out into the open ocean. Sorry about that.

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I totally understand their lack of panic.

I was at a large commercial auto machine shop in NY. There were hundreds of crankshafts standing on end. Someone bumped one and dominos happened. What a terrible noise-and all those freshly ground cranks smacking into each other. The guy I’m talking to sat down + lit up a cigarette. I looked at him in shock. “What the fuck am I supposed to do? Gotta wait till they stop.”

THAT look. Seen it before.