The World Is Ready For An EV Supercar And The Major Automakers Have Been Missing It

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Rimac’s C_Two supercar has an unbelievable 1,914 horsepower that’s sure to leave every competitor at events like the Texas Mile in ruins in the near future. It’s nearly sold out just three weeks after its debut, per Carscoops. Clearly, the world is ready for electric supercars, and all the automakers too timid to build one are being left in the dust.


We’ve been teased with all kinds of electric and electrified sports car concepts from major automakers over the years, none of which have really gone into widespread production. We briefly got the cool Audi R8 e-tron for sale, but it was grossly underpromoted, and less than 100 were made before the electric R8 was unceremoniously killed off.

You see, it wasn’t Audi, Hyundai, Honda or any of the usual concept-happy mainstream automakers who got the first big electric hypercar paycheck. It wasn’t even Faraday Future, who infamously debuted with a Le Mans prototype-inspired concept car instead of, you know, the real car we were promised.

Rather, it was boutique Croatian supercar and electric tech firm Rimac that released a workable rolling in the sweet, sweet electric cash. Almost all the 150 planned C_Twos are now sold out, with each one costing $2.1 million, with buyers adding an average of $600,000 in options on top of that. Holy crap.

Rimac may have a leg up in terms of credibility over most newer small supercar firms, which is no doubt helping them sell C_Two allocations ludicrously fast. They’re already the battery supplier for the Koenigsegg Regera and Aston Martin Valkyrie hybrid hypercars.

Come to think of it, that’s a lot like the credibility of a big, established firm like the Volkswagen Group or Toyota. We know the big auto companies are capable of making stuff that works relatively well. Why aren’t they also making an electric supercar? They all just got beaten to the punch.

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