Audi Just Killed The R8 e-Tron For Some Reason: Report

RIP 2016-2016
RIP 2016-2016

The best looking model out of the new Audi R8 lineup, the e-Tron, has been terminated after a production run of just under 100 cars, according to a report from Car And Driver.

The 2016 Audi R8 e-Tron was made up to seem like a big deal when it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show just last year but, for some reason, Audi never really seemed like it wanted to sell the car. The electric version of the R8 never made its way to the online configurator, and prospective buyers were referred to contact Audi headquarters by the dealers.

According to the report from Car And Driver, Audi could have built more of the e-Tron R8, but apparently have stopped at a production run of “fewer than 100" for some reason.


The concept for an electric R8 began back in 2009 with a concept car, followed by a working prototype based on the first-generation R8. Audi actually pushed it to production for the current generation, but have apparently “pulled the plug” already. The two motor layout of the e-Tron R8 made it the only rear-wheel-drive R8 for sale.

Audi’s handling of the car is curious considering all of the Volkswagen Auto Group is making a big shift toward electric cars soon, with Audi itself reportedly introducing two new electric models by 2018, if not more. Having a flagship electric supercar to drive the new brand direction would seem like a smart move, but perhaps the focus in the R8 lineup has shifted toward the rumored V6 R8 that might also be introduced in 2018.

Either way, the e-Tron R8 is an extremely handsome electric supercar capable of 456 horsepower and a range of around 280 miles. One was spotted enjoying its time in the Alps just last week. It will be missed.

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Maybe the batteries were getting all Note 7'd