Try Not To Gasp When A Rag Gets Sucked Into This Turbo

Earlier today, we ran a Countersteer roundup where one unfortunate reader accidentally let a shop towel get sucked into a turbo during a dyno pull. It was bad, catastrophically so. And then I got to see such a thing happen in action.

The story obviously piqued reader The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending)’s interest, who found a YouTube video of this very thing happening and posted it to Kinja.

Here is the video. I gasped when I first watched it.

Everyone, if you’re doing dyno pulls, make sure that everything that could get sucked into the turbo is either tied down or put away! Or else very bad things will happen.

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Question for someone who isn’t an armchair mechanic like most of us here, but actually Knows Their Shit:

What is fucked here? Just the turbo? More?