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They built a new stretch of highway in the Canadian province of New Brunswick recently, and while new stretches of highway are generally good, this one might be bad, since, drivers say, the highway’s signs are confusing, such that some people are having trouble leaving the province at all. It’s a bit like that Eagles song about a “hotel” in California.

The source of the confusion is a sign indicating the correct turn to Prince Edward Island that appears two kilometers from the turn itself, which drivers say is too far, given that there are other signs in between. The font on the sign might also be too small, one driver told the CBC. A gas station attendant said that “hundreds” of drivers have asked for directions after missing the turn, on a recently revamped section of Route 11.


The precise turn itself is where Route 11 and Route 15 meet, outside of Shediac. Heading east towards Prince Edward Island, if you’re not careful, you’ll continue north on Route 11 instead of further east on 15. You also might never leave New Brunswick, according to the CBC.

Some drivers have gone as far as Bouctouche before realizing they were heading in the wrong direction. That’s 35 kilometres past the turn to P.E.I. at Shediac.

“The sign for P.E.I. happens quite a way back before you would turn off,” said Rich Beharrell, who travels back and forth to Moncton three times a month.


“It happens fast and there are other signs in between that can easily distract you from, oh, where do I turn off?” Beharrell said.

“It’s almost like they want to keep you in New Brunswick.”

Beharrell says that the signs have been bad for awhile.

“I don’t think the signage is all that great and I’ve thought that for many years,” he said.

The New Brunswick Department of Transportation defended themselves in comments to the CBC, saying that there were, in fact, two signs indicating the proper turn.

But aside from all that, the CBC says it’s been a problem spot for awhile, with construction detours previously leading to other mishaps. To wit: one of the best kickers I’ve ever read.

One Island driver got lost in the detours in late November and ended up in the Santa Claus parade in Shediac.


You can’t get mad if you take a wrong turn and end up in a parade.

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