A Ramp Competition Is The Best Way To Find Out If Your Car Is Secretly A Cat

Gif: CarbonXxtra (YouTube)

Cats are known for certain behaviors: always sitting on whatever you’re working on, hiding when it’s time to go to the vet, and the infamous cat-righting reflex that enables them to land on their feet. Is your car secretly a cat? Send it over a ramp, and find out.

We here at Jalopnik are intimately familiar with the fact that rednecks invent the best motorsports, and this delightful ramp competition is one more example of why. This was part of Beech Ridge Motor Speedway’s Car Wars event, where destruction is the name of the game.


There are beaters. There’s a ramp. You can jump your beater, pop onto two wheels, or send yourself end over end. The best reaction from the audience wins.

Which car lands on its wheels? The cat cars. The cars that are secretly cats. I’m on to you, cats! Stop scratching up the couch while you’re at it. It’s a bad look.

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That 007 S-10 is the clear winner to me, almost goes half away around the track on two wheels on the 2nd go. The Nick at Nite truck was trying to be like him, and failing lol.