GIF via Carbon Video

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen a glimpse of heaven. Beater heaven.

If you’ve ever had a car that’s such a miserable pile that you’d feel guilty selling it on Craigslist or even giving it away, I have seen the light, the way, and the answer to all your vehicular rage. Follow me to a magical event called Car Wars.

Beech Ridge Speedway’s Car Wars event follows a similar pattern to many Night of Destruction-style events where the name of the game is to bring forth as much carnage and mayhem as humanly possible. In other words, this is absolutely what you need to do with that Altima that eats head gaskets.


Fortunately for us, Carbon Video edited together this highlight reel of the most insane moments from this year’s Car Wars night.

Obstacles like ramps and tires are set out to make the job of pounding in every panel on a beater a little easier. I won’t spoil the grand finale, but let’s just say it involves a massive fire in the middle of the track.

It’s almost more entertaining to watch what survives than marvel at what doesn’t. There’s no mercy here.

[H/T BangShift!]