Crazy Uncle Joe’s Mustang
Photo: Alex Hevesy

Barn find cars are the archeological expeditions of the car world. Instead of a fedora, whip and Harrison Ford, these digs often involve standing in a shed and googling “Mustang VIN decoder” while a pigeon silently judges you from the rafters.

A few weeks ago, my grandfather told me that “Crazy Uncle Joe has an old Mustang you should check out.” When I pulled up to his house in Baltimore, Maryland, sure enough, Crazy Uncle Joe delivered. Sitting in a shed was a 1972 Ford Mustang. Uncle Joe wants to sell the Mustang and get it out of his shed and I was more than happy to help. Getting the Ford out of the shed is a story for a different blog but I was glad to come across a real barn find. It has that dilapidated aesthetic that I love.

Show us the cars you’ve found buried away in a shed, barn or aircraft hangers that you’ve come across. Let us know of any hidden automotive treasures you’ve found.