Crazy Uncle Joe’s Mustang
Photo: Alex Hevesy

Barn find cars are the archeological expeditions of the car world. Instead of a fedora, whip and Harrison Ford, these digs often involve standing in a shed and googling “Mustang VIN decoder” while a pigeon silently judges you from the rafters.

A few weeks ago, my grandfather told me that “Crazy Uncle Joe has an old Mustang you should check out.” When I pulled up to his house in Baltimore, Maryland, sure enough, Crazy Uncle Joe delivered. Sitting in a shed was a 1972 Ford Mustang. Uncle Joe wants to sell the Mustang and get it out of his shed and I was more than happy to help. Getting the Ford out of the shed is a story for a different blog but I was glad to come across a real barn find. It has that dilapidated aesthetic that I love.


Show us the cars you’ve found buried away in a shed, barn or aircraft hangers that you’ve come across. Let us know of any hidden automotive treasures you’ve found.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.

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