Here Are My 10 Favorite Automotive Easter Eggs

Whether you celebrate or not, there’s something pretty satisfying about hunting down Easter eggs. But instead of plastic eggs full of candy, we’re bringing you some of the coolest hidden features hidden in the design of cars that you might have missed.

1. There’s A Z On The Side Of The BMW Z4 

Photo: Darkone (Wikimedia)

When Formula 1 announced it was changing its new logo, there were a shocking number of people who didn’t realize that there was a “1" hidden in the negative space. The “Z” neatly incorporated into the Z4's bodywork might surprise a few of these people, too.

2. The Mini Logo Is Hidden In The Interior 

Photo: Wikimedia

In both older and newer generations of the Mini Cooper, designers have used the air controls to subtly sneak in another Mini logo.

3. Handy Reminders On The Renault Twingo RS Pedals


If you really think about it, braking and accelerating is kind of like stopping and starting DVD. Someone at Renault must have picked up on that, because the Twingo RS has the stop, start, and pause symbols conveniently printed on the pedals so that you’ll never have to forget what they do.

4. The Tesla Model X Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

Elon Musk is well-known for hiding Easter eggs in his cars, but if you’re planning a big reveal on Christmas morning, the Model X can’t be beat. Hold down the Tesla “T” for five seconds and enter “holiday” or “ModelXmas” when an access code prompt appears. After that, you just have to follow the instructions it offers and enjoy the light show.


5. Chrysler Hid A Sly Dig At GM In The Floor Mats Of The 200 

Photo: David Tracy (Jalopnik)

Chrysler has always been proud of its Detroit heritage, and they wanted to make sure everyone knew it when they included the Detroit skyline into the floor mats of the 200. If you know Detroit, it’ll be pretty obvious that it’s missing the GM Renaissance Center, which is a truly inspiring level of pettiness.

6. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Won’t Forget Its Roots 


If you take a close look at the wheels of the Trailhawk, you’ll be able to spot a little red silhouette of an old Willys Jeep painted on the trim.

7. Puddle Lamp Projections 

Beaming a logo as a call-to-action isn’t just for Batman anymore. A lot of manufacturers are picking up on the fact that shining your logo under the doors is a pretty cool, easy way to grab attention. You can find the puddle lamp projections in the Hyundai Genesis, Ford Mustang, and Range Rover, among others.


8. The Jeep Renegade Has… Just About Everything

Photo: Nordenfan (Wikimedia)

Talk about going all out. The designers at Jeep wanted to make sure you really know you’re getting a Jeep. The Renegade features the distinctive Jeep grilles on the headlights and the taillights, the rearview mirror, and on the speaker grilles; an old Jeep profile cruising up the windshield; aircraft-style “No Step!” warnings on the side rails; and, my personal favorite, a little spider greeting you with “Ciao, baby!” when you open the fuel filler door. Among others. Lots and lots of others.

9. The Vauxhall Corsa Has… A Shark? 


Rumor has it that one of the Corsa’s designers was dared to find a way to include a shark in vehicle design. That designer actually managed to do it: if you open a glove box, there’s a shark profile on the outside hinge. You’d probably miss the fearsome little detail if you weren’t looking for it.

10. Defrost With The Skoda Octavia

Have you ever headed out to your car to drive to work only to realize that it iced over in the middle of the night and you definitely weren’t ready for winter yet? All you need to do is pop open the fuel filler of the Octavia, and there you go: a handy green ice scraper is tucked away inside for all your frozen emergencies. Just don’t forget to put it back.

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