Watch Two Toyota Supras Pull Off A Ridiculous Tandem Drifting Jump

Image: Tor-Anders Ringnes (Instagram)

There’s good reason why we’re so impatient about the release of a new Toyota Supra: the original was really, truly legendary. So when Formula Drift driver Frederic Aasbø and two-time Gatebil Super 3 champion Tor-Anders Ringnes get their hands on a pair of Supras to drift on ice, you have to watch.


Aasbø and Ringnes didn’t just get sideways in the ice—they jumped the Supras on a frozen lake!

Maybe I’m too used to seeing souped-up ultra-boosted Supras built for drag strip domination, but it’s refreshing to see these two catch some air. Is there anything Toyota’s now-classic wondercar can’t do?

Ringnes’ maniacal laugh in his onboard view just about says it all. This isn’t the first time he’s launched his Supra off of this jump, either.


Another Instagram post from about a week ago mentioned that his craziest landing off the jump was at about 90 mph and hard.


So, uh, hurry up with that new Supra. Send it to us if you have it early. But we’re getting impatient over here. We want to see it.

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I don’t understand why the last gen Supra was so legendary. It’s not pretty like the 2000GT or 3rd gen RX7. It’s not especially fast in stock form. It was more expensive then a Corvette of the day with worst performance. It wasn’t popular enough to warrant a successor. It seems that it is only cool because you can crank up the boost on a stock block and make silly power, which is cool for sure but there are other ways to make 1000 hp. Is it just the overbuilt engine that makes it legendary?