How Much Will The New Toyota Supra Cost?

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We’ve been waiting too long for a new Toyota Supra to fill our dreams with visions of Texas Mile domination. Today, we finally saw the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, which is the closest thing to a real-life new Supra we’ve seen to date. But how much will the production version cost?


There’s a lot of pricey-looking carbon fiber pieces on Toyota’s racing concept, some of which look more road-ready than others. (Looking at you, giant rear diffuser.) Obviously, many race cars are loaded with parts that are not shared by their roadgoing counterparts, so who knows what will go into the mass-market version?

Guesses as to the price among the Jalopnik staff ranged anywhere from a The Price Is Right-spec $40,001 to a nice $69,000. Of course, there’s always the odd chance that Toyota will go full R35 Nissan GT-R and make the new Supra insanely pricey, although that wouldn’t line up with reports that it won’t be super-powerful off the lot.

Nor would a base price flirting with six figures line up with where the last-generation Supra fit into the market. The strong yen of the mid-nineties pushed the price of the Supra over $40,000 back in 1996, according to Automotive News. That translates to about $64,000 in today’s money, by the way. That was a bit too pricey for buyers then, leading Toyota to release a stripped-down version for $31,000, but that didn’t help. The car went out with a whimper sales-wise in 2001, but since rose to the status of a cult classic after going out of production.

As the old saying goes, absence and giant aftermarket turbochargers truly do make the heart grow fonder. Toyota shouldn’t have to do any undercutting to sell these. That $40,000 figure for 1996 was close to the $37,225 base MSRP of a new Corvette at the time, according to Autotrader. Corvettes now start at $55,495, which is also pretty close to the final 2017 BMW Z4’s MSRP of $49,525.


The new Supra is also believed to share a platform with the new BMW Z4 Roadster, so it makes sense to compare those two. This is why Patrick guessed that the new Toyota Supra would only come in around $46,000—a bit less than the likely more luxury-oriented BMW, but not by a ton.

Yet I think the brand new model, nostalgia for the old model and overall fanciness should command a slightly larger base MSRP. $55,069! Final answer.


Let’s play a game: guess how much the new Supra will be without going over the final price. The winner will receive an imaginary bottle of Jalopnik Lilac Label Reserve Brefass Scotch, which we won’t deliver because it doesn’t exist, but you should guess anyway because we’re genuinely curious.



Hmm, Toyota branded bmw powered mid level GT. About $43,000 for the cheapest version that dealers will actually stock. Maybe a little less for a “base” model depending on how base they go. I suspect mid 50's low 60's for topped out trim.