Here's How An 18-Wheeler Gets Built

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Big rig trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, whatever you call them, you have to admit there’s little else in life as crucial to our comfortable, out-of-season-fruits-in-winter way of life than trucks. Somehow, these massive mechanical brutes usually just get ignored into the background, but the truth is we’d be completely screwed without them. It’s time to give them some attention.


To do that, we took Volvo Trucks up on their offer to let us see how big rig trucks are built, and to drive them around, and, yes, even sleep in them. We made this two-part series as a way of giving you a peek into the world of gigantic automobiles that pull 70,000 lbs of cat toys and frozen okra, with their insane 13-liter inline-six engines that weigh as much as a Honda Civic.

They’re amazing machines.

In addition to part one up there, we have more two-fisted truck-driving action coming up in part two, and until then, we have some little bonus truck action for you:

Trucks make our lives work, and, as car people, we should appreciate these big brothers to the automobile. I know I do.

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

This sounds like the basis of a joke my 7-year-old would tell.

How do you build an eighteen wheeler?

One piece at a time.

Except the joke he tells is about eating an elephant.