F1 And Chill With Netflix's Upcoming 2018 Season Documentary Series

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If you loved Amazon’s Grand Prix Driver, then buckle in because Formula One just announced a new partnership with Netflix that sounds like it could be even cooler.


This year, F1 and Netflix are teaming up to deliver a 10-part docu-series about the trials and tribulations of the 2018 season. Filming reportedly started at preseason testing, and the cameras were out in full force at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix to capture the action.

While the series is largely focusing on 10 specific events, you’ll be able to spot the production team in the paddock at every race this year. The purpose is to provide an unprecedented level of access to everything Formula 1 - from the teams to the drivers to the principals. They don’t plan on missing a second of the action.

You might recognize the name James Gay Rees as one of the executive producers of Senna. He’s back, alongside Paul Martin, to ensure that the docu-series is one of the most spectacular views into the paddock that fans will ever get.

There aren’t many concrete details about the content yet (obviously - the season is only just starting), but the enthusiasm and talent of everyone involved bodes well for the final product. After years of closed paddocks and elite exclusivity, it’s promising that F1 is starting to see the value in giving fans at home a little slice of life behind the garage doors.

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Grand Prix Driver was that tempting muffin you buy at the bakery that turns out to be cold and stale. As a huge F1 and McLaren fan, I found it unwatchable. You already know the ugly outcome, you don’t give a rat’s ass about Stoffel, and everything is run through a spin cycle.