You Can Get A Great Deal On A Sleeper Volvo Right Now

It seems many of us aren’t quite out of this winter mess quite yet. So if you are in the market for something fast, luxurious, and Swedish for some late-in-the-year snow hoonage, now is the time to get a great deal on a Volvo S60 sedan or V60 wagon with 300 horsepower and all-wheel-drive.


We are all very excited to see the new V60 wagon, which will naturally spawn a new S60 sedan that should still be super stylish despite not being a wagon. In anticipation of the new model on the horizon, Volvo dealers are clearing the outgoing V60 and S60s with massive discounts.

There are many tempting configurations to be had, but the one you want is the T6 R-Design that comes with the 300 hp motor and all-wheel drive. For example, this new 2017 S60 or V60 R-Design has a stunning $11,000 chopped off the sticker price:

While those are super competitive prices, they still might be a bit steep for your wallet. The real value is in the pre-owned market, as you can get a 2015 S60 R-Design with reasonable miles for about the same price as a mid-trim Mazda6:


Or you could drop $30,000 on a competent but boring Subaru Outback, but instead, you should grab a V60 R-Design in “Swedish Racing Green.” And we know that green cars are the best, even when they’re clearly blue.


While the Polestar cars are super cool and rare, the R-Design models aren’t too far off the mark performance wise, and retail for much cheaper. These S60/V60 R-design models are great opportunities for someone looking for a premium performance sedan or long roof, but doesn’t want the same old German offerings.

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