Photo courtesy of Kris Clewell

If you have the chance to experience the magic of Monterey car week in something like a 1972 Porsche 911, it’s best that you take the scenic route.

That’s exactly what Alex Nelson and occasional Jalopnik contributor Kris Clewell did as documented in their 4K hour-long film titled Der Ziel (or “Der Weg Ist Der Ziel” or “The Route Is The Goal”).

Kris and Alex had the beautiful blue 911 shipped to the Stanceworks garage in California and flew out to meet it, starting their journey of thousands of miles to Monterey Car Week before taking the long way home to Minneapolis.


Along the way they went through the gorgeous Sonora Pass, the Extraterrestrial Highway, Area 51, and plenty of dirt roads, capturing beautiful shots of the car and landscape while battling the heat and elevation.

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