Show Us Your Automotive Tattoos

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Photo: Oded Balilty (AP)

Everybody has a different story behind why they got a tattoo. Maybe it was borne of passion or is meant to commemorate a first, a last, or a favorite. Maybe you love something so much you want to let the whole world know, or maybe you just thought, “Hell, that would look cool.”


Whatever the case may be, we know some of you out there have an automotive- or motorsports-related tattoo (although hopefully y’all knew what the shifter of a manual car looks like before you put that on your wrist). We want to see them, and we want to hear your stories. Show us the driver numbers, car logos, track maps, and crazy scenes you put on your body—good or bad.

I’ll start.

Last year, I did the Month of May in Indianapolis. For weeks, the single solitary thing I did was watch drivers throw their cars around Indianapolis Motor Speedway—which, for me, was kind of a dream come true. I’d always wanted to have a month shamelessly dedicated to all things speed, and so a friend and I decided, hell, let’s just get the wheel and wing logo tattooed on ourselves. Off we went to Metamorphosis in Broad Ripple, and I came home with the magic of IMS inked into my skin.

Give us what you got!

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I’m big on turbocharged cars so I tattooed a turbo on my arm. Pretty sweet right?