Take A Closer Look At The Ultimate Custom Built BMW 8 Series

A new BMW 8 Series grand touring car is in the pipeline, but some of us are still celebrating the wedge-shaped original that looks like the 1990s on wheels. Take a closer look at this glorious 1993 BMW 850ci we stretched out on Angeles Crest.

The 8 Series, also known by its chassis code “E31”, was a futuristic Autobahn assault vehicle built throughout most of the ’90s. The angular cruiser was built for flinging highfalutin executives across hundreds of miles in short order. And also, of course, in comfort.

The car came with a V8 or V12, manual or automatic transmission, and always rear-wheel drive. This ’93 850ci in particular has been rebuilt with fresh paint, suspension, and a custom interior. But perhaps more importantly, it’s also been swapped to the ideal drivetrain combination (big engine, three pedals.)


These cars are tough to maintain, and will never be close to as quick as their modern counterparts. But the original 8 Series has a nostalgic mystique that can’t be replicated. Unless, of course, you restore an old one like this.

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Quattro Bageena

I firmly believe in only dumping money into the top trim level, (In this case the 850CSi) otherwise you will forever be playing catch up.

I always laugh when I see things like, “Mah 540i is 90% of uh M5". Or my personal favorite: “Mah (lower trim level, wrx, 335i, etc.) is as fast as a stock (top trim level, STi, M3/4, etc.)“

Plus all 850CSi were three pedals, so yeah.