It's Probably For The Best If I Don't Watch This Corolla Drift Video

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I’m currently spending half my time trying to not spend a couple grand buying an early 1980s Toyota Corolla, and the other half checking every Craigslist region in the country for one. With this in mind, I should probably log off of YouTube.

Certainly I should very much not watch this video of rough-but-fast Motorfix Corollas with shoddy bodies and really nice four- and eight-cylinder engine swaps. Motorfix! So cool.

And I very much should not watch Manabu Mitsumori in his KE70 sedan lead a bunch of AE86s around Nikko Circuit.

Nor should I watch this two-door hardtop. Such handsome little cars, and so easy to forget from this brief period of super futurism in car design, all angular and forward-looking.

Still, I can’t help but admire that very handsome four-door. It’s wonderful to see what once was such a pedestrian family vehicle repurposed into you know what I’m going to stop right here it’s for the best if I just close all these tabs and start thinking about my retirement.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Had a brown wine-ish color ‘82 Corolla.

Lost it to a T-bone with an 80-something year old in Florida driving an oldsmobile.

I miss it everyday.