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Can it be true, that Jalopnik has had the good fortune of having four (four!) wagons in a span of a mere three months? It is indeed, and this is the latest one: the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S. What do you want to know about it?


In terms of looks, I think this Jag is attractive, but in an understated way. It doesn’t draw much attention to itself, especially in a coat of silver paint like our press car. The inside is comfortable, though not particularly roomy. This is puzzling to me, as it is quite a large car from the outside.

But, oh man, can this son of a bitch move. The engine is amazing. This is the same supercharged V6 that you get in the F-Type, good for 380 horsepower. I’ve been driving so many turbocharged cars recently, it’s refreshing to have one actually whine at you as you accelerate.


Why aren’t more engines supercharged? Clearly, it’s the way to go. As far as wagons go, and I’ve had the pleasure of sampling many of them lately, this one is emerging as the driver’s choice.

Sticker’s $84,245 on this guy. Anyway, tell me what you want to know about it.

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