These Dudes Built A Miniature 1938 Grand Prix Racer Complete With A Real Working V16 Engine

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A common dream amongst real, normal humans is to drive one of the hulking monsters from pre-war Grand Prix racing. But alas, those things cost millions (if they’re not just considered priceless). The next best thing is to build your own miniature version, completely with a throaty, raspy, buzzy V16 engine in the back. Really.

This thing is cool as hell.

The whole thing goes into a 1:3 scale model of a 1936 Auto Union Type C, completely with a supercharged .216-liter V16. The original V16, of course, was a six-liter monster. Horsepower in the original was somewhere around the 500 mark, though this one is probably putting just an ever-so-slightly lower amount. Maybe 499 horsepower, I can only assume.


It’s not just a pretty wonder sitting on a stand, either. This thing runs and moves:

I am not impressed easily. In this case, I am extremely impressed.