Here's The Volvo S60 Way Before You're Supposed To See It

Hot off of the release of its hot V60 wagon, Volvo is preparing to reveal its sedan sibling, the S60, which we’ve got a peek of a bit earlier than planned.


In the same way that the V60 pretty much looks like a shrunken V90, this S60 takes all of its visible cues from the S90 sedan. That is no bad thing, as the entire Volvo lineup is one hit after another.


Not much is yet known about the S60 sedan, but the recently revealed V60 includes the T8, a 303 horsepower hybrid powertrain, a 340 HP T6 AWD plug-in hybrid, a 310 HP AWD T6 gas powertrain, and two diesels unlikely to ever make it stateside. It’s also not likely the T8 powertrain will make it to the U.S. either, but that has yet to be confirmed by Volvo. The S90 will probably be offered with the same powertrain options.

Keep doing what you’re doing Volvo, and get around to making one Polestar blue and very fast, if that’s even possible anymore. Thanks!

Via Carscoops

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About time. The S60 is old as hell. But come on Volvo not you too with the German every car looks like the above and below it way of thinking. I mean I’m all for a mini S90 but still.